True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


6. Talk

Ruth's POV~

'Ru-th??' I could recognise that broken voice anywhere.


But I cannot show her I was crying. She could probably kill the person next to her. That petite woman was insanely sweet... And retarded

I wiped my tears with the pillow and groaned as if I just got up from sleep and turned to face her.

'Huh?' I say..

She looks at me with a look of suspicion like she knows that I was crying. I signal with my eyes that I would tell her later. She nods her head in approval.

'I got you some water' Luke says with a weak smile.

He reaches it out to me and holds it near my mouth. I take a generous amount of water in at a time.

'Thanks...' I say happily since i got my voice back. 'And sorry....' Joanna says from the back.

Luke gets up from the bed and walks up to her.

'Its okay.. I understand what you must have gone through' he says with a smile

'Hug it out already..!!' I say.

He smiles at her and gives her a hug. She hugs back. They don't separate. They seem to enjoy each others presence enough to forget me. COMPLETELY. I let them continue and stare at the clock on the night stand. 2 min.. 3 min... 4 min. Okay.. I know Joan is a Luke's girl.. BUT THEY JUST MET EACH OTHER... IM RIGHT HERE.

5 minutes. Ive had enough. I mean.. I don't wanna be mean but ...

I cough twice. They immediately separated and looked at the floor as if the floor was more interesting than anything else in the room.


'I just got off the phone with the doctor and he said that you should rest for some time ABSOLUTELY NO STRESS and who are you?' Calum says talking.. No. More like ordering me and suddenly talking to Joan.

'Umm.. Im her friend, Joanna. And Luke gave me the address to come here.' Joan says.

Calum gives her a small smile and comes and sits on the bed and starts talking to me..

'Umm... So I was thinking that you could stay with us till you recover and ...' He says while I cut him off..

'No-o. Thats okay. Ill leave with Joanna and Ill be okay. I don't want to be a burden on you..' I say softly but firmly.

'Umm... Can you guys leave me alone with her for some time?' Calum says whilst looking at Joan and Luke.

They smile and nod at the same time and leave the room.

'Look.. Your not a burden on us.. I know that somewhere, somehow Im responsible for this. Even if you don't agree with me I know that because of me you got distracted and I am really sorry for that. If you say no to staying here.. Ill carry this guilt all my life. And you wouldn't want me to feel guilty. If Ill feel guilty, ill be sad. If ill be sad, you'll be sad. Because you are a huge fan of our band..' He says the last part with a smile.

I smile back at him. 'Of Course. I wouldn't want my favourite people in the world to be upset.... Wait. How did you know Im a fan?' I asked.

He blushed slightly and confessed 'I checked your phone to find out bout you. Your name, contacts, a little bout you. When you were unconscious.'

'Stalker..' I laugh and continue

'Now... Please can you help me up and let me take a look around the house. That is, if you don't mind..'

'Course I don't.. I would love to be a tour guide of the house. A beautiful house for a beautiful girl by a beautiful tour guide..' He says. I smile and look down when he says beautiful girl and laugh when he says beautiful guide.

'SOO ill take Joanna around the house and ill be back. Ya?' He says.

'Yeah..' I say happily trying my best not to sound disappointed.

'Just Kidding. Hey! I was talking about you only. Plus, I think Lukey likes Joanna..' He says smiling.

I smile and slowly get off the bed.

I just stand up and feel my feet giving away under me. Just as Im about to collapse, I feel a hand slip around my waist.

'Im there for you, okay?' Calum says and I look at him and smile.

'Okay.' (A/N: The Fault In Our Stars Reference ;) ) I say smiling.

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