True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


18. Surprise

Ruth's POV~

I drive to the beach and move to the food Shack. I get a text. It says 'ORDER YOUR FAVE HERE TO MAYBE WIN A SURPRISE'. Michael's number.

I go ahead and order a cheesecake which comes along with a letter. 'After eating, drive to the town centre. Where we first met.' It said.

I quickly finish eating and drive over to the centre of the town. Somehow feeling that this was Calum's plan, I leave the car and remember my jogging pattern and stop by the pole that I hit that day. 'Go back to the apartment that you and Joanna shared' It had a note stuck on it.

Why didn't anyone else read the note? I ran back to the house and at near the plant-pot, Insurgent was kept. I flip through the book and find another paper. Gosh!

It read 'Drive to the Nando's near the post office. The one near this house.' I quickly walk to the car and drive there slowly. My energy fading. The minute I leave the car to move towards Nando's, Michael comes out of the shadows with Ashton.

Ashton opens the door of the car and calls Calum. Putting it on loudspeaker. 'Hey Cal, you guide her from here.' He says placing the phone in the car. Shoving me in the car, they wave goodbye. From the passenger seat, where the phone is placed, Calum gives me the directions. As I look around me, i see civilisation lessen and the farm coming in view. 'Calum. Sweetie. Tell me something. How do you know to give the directions when you cant see me?' I say. The phone replies 'The GPS system of the car is connected to my phone. Now take a right. And stop the car.' With that the phone call cuts. I drive taking the right and stop the car switching it off.

I leave the car and see Calum standing my the dirt road of some kind of farm. I can hear water trickling at a far off distance. Calum walks closer to me and kisses me on the cheek saying 'Come on. I have a surprise for you. Also..' Putting up the bling fold, he gently removes the glasses and ties on the blindfold.

'Lets go.' He says putting his hand around my waist pulling me forward. I don't say a word. The running water noise become louder. 'We're here' Calum says in my ear, taking off my blindfold.

This is incredible......

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