True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


3. Pain Of Flashbacks

~~Ruth's POV

'DOCTOR... I think she's getting up!!'

My eyes felt like they were glued together. I couldnt lift myself. It felt like the whole world was put upon my shoulders.. But its nothing i haven't felt before....


*flashback* 'Harry I think its time to call it quits. I --' I said. 'WHAATT???' He yelled in my face. 'Not-hingg..' I stammered. 'Thats what i thought... and this is a little something to make sure it was nothing!!' He said with a crooked smile. 'N-no-o. Im sor..' I couldn't finish as he started kicking me and everything became black..*end of flashback*


My eyes shot open and i felt water come out of 'em.

'Shhh... everything will be okay..' A comforting voice said whilst stroking my hair.

I turned my head to see CALUM HOOD SITTING NEXT TO ME??!!

I tried to get up but i couldn't. I wanted to ask him why I was there but I felt too tired. He must have noticed that. He said 'Its okay. Ill be back. Ill call the doc and come. Ya?'. I found enough strength to nod my head slightly. He nodded, flashed a weak smile at me and went out of the room. I took this time to take a look around the room. It looked kinda messy. Like a boys room. Wait till I tell my friends.. If i had any. I only had 1 friend. Her name is Joanna. She also lived with me... Oh Shit!! She will worry like hell cause I didn't call her.

'Calum..' I called. At least I think I did. It sounded like a frog croaking during during the rainy season. I like rainy season. I was born during the rainy season. Wait.. That wasn't the point. Joanna. Hmm. How do I call anyone? Hmm.. Think nincompoop think. Thats what I and Joanna call each other. God.. I need to concentrate more... Umm.. I turned my head a little more and a book fell from the bed with a thud... O man!! Why am I such a klutz? I think that was a good thing. Why? Because the next minute .. Luke HEMMINGS came running to the room. He came next to me, sat down and picked up the book and said 'You want to know what happened?' Like DUH!! But i nodded politely. He said "You were running really fast. Like really fast. Calum saw you through the window of the car and told us. He rolled the window down and said 'Wow you're fast' thinking you didn't hear. But you did and turned towards the car. You stared at the car for like a second and then hit a pole. You were really bleeding a lot. Soo we brought to Ash's home as it was the closet and called a Doctor. Enough about that. There was a girl called Joanna on your phone although her name was saved as Jolala on your phone. She called. I picked up the call and told her what happened and told her to come by. She was soo panic-stricken. I just got off the call and heard a thud and here I am. Now... Tell me bout yourself. Your name maybe?"

'Ruth..' But i still sounded like a toad. Man Im weird. Im having a mental convo with MYSELF!! YAY!

Ive officially tagged myself an Idiot..


Authors Note: Umm i almost deleted the whole book. Lol. Im such a klutz. I wont be able to upload anything for this week as i have exams coming for the whole week and I haven't studied anything. NOTHING..... Sooo ill try to upload a new chapter ASAP after the exams. Hope you liked this one :)

Take care



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