True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


5. News

Joanna's POV

Im pacing back and forth. Why isn't she come back yet... I knew I shouldn't have let her go for a run. I just knew it. I should've gone with her... She told me she would be back in an hour. WHY ISNT SHE COME BACK???!! Shit... What am i gonna do... Wait. Ill call her.

*Ring... Ring... Ring*

(Joanna , Luke)


Hi Ruth... Where are you.. Wait.. What happened to your voice?

This is not Ruth. This is Luke

Really funny, Ruth. Now tell me where you are. Ill come and pick you up

No dude. Seriously. Its Luke Hemmings here. Ruth hit her head on a pole and she kinda fainted. Shes alright though.

Okay... Two questions..


Is she okay? And how long will it take you to text me your address??!!

She is better. And. No, its completely fine we will drop her home.

Dude. Text me the address now!! I wont leak it... DO I SOUND FINE TO LEAK THE ADDRESS?? I want to meet her now..!!

Okay. Ill text you the address

*end of call*

My phone vibrates indicating that I got a message. Bingo!! I noted the address down and drove there

*skipping car ride*

I barged into the house and yelled


I saw Luke and yelled at him (although I was a huge fan, all I could think about was Ruth)"WHERE IS RUTH??!!"

"Up-psta-irs.." Luke stammered.

I pushed him against the wall and ran upstairs...

"Ru-th?" My voice cracked upon seeing her. She had completely become pale as far as I could see. She was facing the pillow soo i didn't know. But as far as I knew my BFF... She would be pale and crying.

Behind me Luke comes running in with a glass of water.

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