True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


20. Meeting Denise

Ruth's POV ~

We pulled up in front of the house. Calum parked the car and got out of the car. I unbuckled my seat-belt and walked to Calum. 'Car keys.' I demand. He smiles as he pulled out the car keys from his back pocket.

I take the keys from his hand and watch him watch me. 'What?' I ask him. 'You have pretty eyes' he says with a half smile. 'Thanks' I say feeling my cheeks becoming warm. 'You have a pretty everything' I say, mentally slapping myself with my choice of words. 'Thanks?' He says. 'I didn't mean that, I just don't know how to respond to compliments or give compliments.' I say, my lips pull onto a straight line. He simply smiles at me. I fiddle with the keys which are in my hand and start walking backwards and towards the car when the front door opens.

'Oh My Gosh.. Calum! How are you doing? Long time no see, huh bro?!' a girl says running towards Calum, embracing him. 'Yea Denise. Can't.. Breadth.. Release' Calum pleads. 'Yea.. Sorry bout that.. Whose she?' She says, gesturing towards me as I reach to pull the car door open. 'Oh.. That's Ruth.' He says, walking towards me, taking my hand in his and pulling me towards where Denise.

'Denise. Ruth. Ruth. Denise' he says. 'Pleased to meet you' I and Denise said at the same time and both of us giggle. She embraces me and I hug her back. 'Why are you both wet? Did I interrupt something? You guys should come in and dry yourselves. I told mom not to call you. I would have come to meet you at Ash's house..' She says, opening the now shut door gesturing us to come in. 'No. I should probably go. Don't wanna disturb you guys.' I say, walking backwards. 'Nonsense. Come in now. Ill tell mom you'll have come.'Denise says. 'Yea. Come on in.' A voice from behind says.

Startled, Denise turns. 'MOM! You shouldn't scare people think that.' Denise jokingly says. Calum grabs my hand, taking me inside and gesturing for me to sit on the couch. After we all sit, we get ourselves introduced. Mrs.Hood stands up and leaves us to let us talk in the living room.

'So whats going on between you guys? Did you guys kiss yet?'Denise says with a devilish smile, excitedly. 'Shut up, Denise. Mom might hear. But no. Nothing is going on between us.' Calum says. 'Yet.' Denise says, with a devilish grin. 'Ill be back.' Denise says and walks upstairs.

After she disappears, Calum says 'Do anything but don't go to her room. Its full of booby-traps.' 'Don't go to Denise's room. Got it' I say out loud.

....15 minutes later....

Denise walks down, cheerfully. 'Did you guys kiss yet?' She asks. 'What's up with kissing here?' I ask myself quietly.

'Oh. Nothing.' She says, as she walks over to Calum and ruffles his hair saying 'Little Brother here, takes a lot of time to prepare himself to kiss his girlfriend' she says. 'Im not his girlfriend.'

I say, defending the both of us. 'Yet.' She simply states and tells us that lunch is ready.

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