True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


14. Library with Glasses

Ruth's POV~

'When did you guys come here??' I ask the intruders who intruded in my and Ash's movie time..

'You all were too engrosses in the movie. You didn't notice us. We came when Nemo's mom gets killed and the eggs disappear. When you were crying and so was Ashton.' Joanna says rolling her eyes at me. I playfully throw a pillow at her face. 'That was a sad moment okay. Don't ruin the movie.' I yell at her. 'Im not turning deaf ya know Ruth' she tells me as-a-matter-of-factly. 'Yea yea.' I say.

*the movie gets over and the boys sit to play FIFA*

'I and Joanna will make dinner. Anyone wants anything specific?' I ask.

'Woah... Home cooked food??''No wayyyy''I don't remember the last time we had a cooked meal'

I don't know who said what.. But thats what I heard. 'Okay then. We'll just make pasta.. And pizza' Joanna says.

*some-time later*

'I smell PIZZA!!' Michael screamed.

Joanna just giggles and puts the food on the table.

No more than a few minutes later, all the boys have assembled at the table. Hogging all the food. ALL OF IT??!!!

'HEY!! Just because we cooked doesn't mean we aren't hungry ya know??!!' I laugh at the way they eat. 'Oopsi. Soorryy. But its over.' Luke says laughing.

I think I and Joanna made a big mistake letting them eat first and watching TV. Joanna sighs beside me and goes to whip something up for the both of us. At the table I see the boys nudging Luke and he was completely red. As red as a tomato. Joanna takes out something from the fridge as Luke walks up to her and closes the door of the fridge behind her.

'Umm... Joanna. I was thinking maybe if you'd like to go out with me.. Maybe tomorrow night. That is if you want to go and Im not going to force you or something. I was just wondering.......' Luke rambles and gets cut off as Joanna pecks his cheek.

'Ill take that as a yes?' He says. More like asks.

'Id love to' she says looking at him straight in the eyes sweetly.

'Anyways... Im going to the library.' I say. More like announce.

'At this time of the night??!! Why??' Ash asks me.

'Well.. I wanted to curl up with a book and not an Ebook. And its not that late. Its only 9. Ill leave now and be back by 11 max. Promise.' I cross my fingers and place them near my heart. 'Okay. But somebody has to go with you..' Luke says.

'Fine. Michael. Come with me.' I say.

'Hey!''Hey' I hear from Michael and Joanna.

'I thought WE were library buddies.' Joanna says. 'Yes but you simply must get your beauty sleep for tomorrow.' I say. I see her blush and nod slightly.

'Why me?!!' Michael whines.

'Because... Ash,Luke and Calum are tired and I want to bore you to get tired so that you will be tired as well and will get a good nights sleep.' I say winking at him.

'FINE' he says throwing his hands in the air.

I giggle at his gesture. 'Gee.. Thats for being sweet.' I say mimicking his tone. We leave the house just the way we were dressed..

*at the library*

I get the cars made and pick out the Divergent series. All the books. 3 of 'em.

'Lets go.' I say to Michael. Only to find him sleeping with his head on the table. Did I forget to mention I took his phone away? Oh well.

I sit next to him and shake him a little. 'Wakey wakey Mikey..' I coo in his ears. 'Nooo. Let me sleep. Please.' He requests. 'Okay. But will you walk to the car. Ill drive.' I tell him. 'Okay' he says getting up groggily. We sit in the car. Michael sleeping in the passenger seat with his face falling again and again. I laugh at how cute he looks and push his heat upright and incline the seat so he lays down. He falls asleep like that.

*After reaching home.*

I drag Michael out of the car and he walks stumbling towards the door like he's drunk. I lock the door and put my hand around his waist to stop him from falling over.

He automatically throws his hand over my shoulder. I quickly grab the books with my free hand.

'Michael. The keys please.' I say to him softly. He hands the keys over. As we reach the door i try my best to balance the books between my hand and my waist as Michael is as good as a drunk fellow. Just as I put the key in the keyhole to open the door with great difficulty, the door opens and there stands 2 people looking not so happy. 'DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE TIME IS??' Ash asks me. 'Yea. One sec.i say looking at my watch and the book fall to the floor. Great. Just great. 'Its 11:30..' I say softly. Oops. 'Exactly. Your late young lady.' Calum says laughing. Ash takes Mikey from me and drags him his room. 'I am NEVER going with anyone to the LIBRARY AGAIN.' Michael mumbles in is sleep. I laugh at that and pick up my books from the floor. Thats when I loose one of my contacts on the floor. Wow. Just great. 'Arggg.' I yell in frustration standing upright. 'What happened, love?' Calum asks.

'Contacts fell. Im blind.' I say tumbling inside the house. 'Can you please get my bag?' I ask Calum. 'Sure' he says walking away. He gets my bag and gives it to me. I remove the other contact and throw it in the dustbin grabbing my glasses and slipping them on. 'What are you doing?' Calum asks me rubbing his eyes. 'I didn't like them anyways. Finally have an excuse to wear my glasses again.' I say looking at him. 'They look good on you.' He says smiling. 'Thanks. Now off to bed you go. Your tired.' I tell him.

'Yes mom!' He says cheekily and goes to his room. Everyone else is sleeping whereas I don't feel like sleeping so I start reading.

(A/N : I LOVE THE DIVERGENT SERIES!!!!!! Im crazy. What is your favourite series? Mentions in the comments below. Did you'll like the chapter? Mention that as well. Just in case you were wondering, Im still not talking to that person. xP. Also, I know this update was boring but I promise Ill get better. Ive planned the future of this story and I promise there will be more drama coming soon..)

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