True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


8. Getting Ready

~Ruth's POV~

Where is Joanna anyways? I went to all the rooms and she wasn't there. I checked the hall also. I looked at the time. 4:30. Calum said we would leave by 7. I wonder where we were going.. Wait..... Is that Joanna and Luke outside on the lawn lying on the grass!! Hehe. I can blackmail her later. I walk out the door and yell 'If you two lovebirds are done chirping.. Can I please borrow Joanna for some time??' I saw Luke go Scarlet. Haha. I can tease him now. Even though I don't know them, I feel like I've known them forever.. "LUKE HEMMINGS!! Im going shopping with Joanna. And Ill give her back to you later. You guys can make out later" I yell again winking at the last part. This makes both of them blush..

"Joanna, Coming or what?' I ask her

'Yeah. See you later Luke. Maybe'

She told him.

She looks at me and shakes her head in disapproval and says 'Don't tell me you are going to the mall dressed in a tracksuit with a huge bandaid on your head. Why do you out of all the people in the world wanna go shopping. I swear I knew you from 8th grade and this is the first time you asked me to shopping with me!! Anyways what do you want to buy?'

'I wanted to go dress shopping.' I inform her.

'Okay, Ruth. Nice joke. Tell me really why you want to go..' She said to me

'Im serious' I tell her.

'OMG!! Ruth wants to go dress shopping. I swear I know this is the First and last time you are gonna ask me this so lets go home and collect all the cash we have. You have like only 1 dress. All other jeans. Lets throw that aunty dress away and get you stylish dresses!!' She yells the last part causing me to flinch

'Dress' I correct her.

'We will see about that' she said with a smirk plastered on her face.

Luke was just laughing through the whole conversation.

'Anyways. Can we leave now?' I ask her.

'Sure.' She replies

We catch a cab and and rush to our house, get our wallets and go to the mall.

We go to various shops and get together an outfit.

'This would look amazing on you. Im sure Calum would go crazy when he sees you.' Joanna says.

'Whaaaaatt?' I reply

'I know you wanted to go shopping for a dress cause you fancied someone and probably are going out with them. Even if its as friends. So if you put 2 and 2 together...' She replies smiling.

I feel my cheeks being heated up.

'Lets go now!! What time did he say you guys would leave?' She asks me.

'At 7.' I casually replied.

'ITS ALREADY 5:30!!' She screams causing people to look at us like we ran away from the mental hospital of something.

'Yea. So? There's a lotta time left!' I say.

'No darling. We need to leave now!!' She says getting hyped up.

We reach our house. Our apartment. (Not Ashton's house). Calum texted me asking me for the address. I quickly texted him back and put on my dress and shoes. 'Its already 6.' I hear Joanna say. Panic-stricken.

'Im ready' i tell her.

'Oh no your not!' She sassily replied dragging me in front of the dressing table and making me sit on the chair.

She lightly applied makeup on. Did my nails. Selected jewellery and put it on and also did my hair in an hour.

In the end, I was wearing a Red sleeveless dress that was tight on top and flowing all the way to my knees. With a thin rose gold bracelet and chain. My hair in a messy bun with black (flat) converse. My makeup was natural. Cause I like it that way.

'Don't you think its a little too fancy. Because he told me Casual.' I ask not sure bout my dress.

'Don't worry darling. Boys never mean what they say. He said dinner right?' I nod my head and she continues 'Trust me on this. When you open the door for him, he will be wearing a suit and will look at you WIDE-EYED and think 'Im the luckiest human in the world' Mark my words darling. Thats what is going to happen'

I smile at her words.

'I hope so' I say to myself.

Just then the doorbell rings.

"Right on time. This one's a keeper.' She says cheekily.

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