True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


12. Fears

Ruth's POV ~

He parked car on the road leading to the restaurant and put his sun-glasses on and passes me another pair.

'Prevention is better than cure!' He says. I don't say anything and slip them on and he goes on driving. When we reach the restaurant, Im practically blinded by the flashes of the camera. 'Is she your girlfriend?' 'Are you'll dating?' I give them a weird look and Calum grabs my hand, pulling me inside. To safety. Otherwise i swear they would have shoved more questions down my throat. And Im claustrophobic. Not good.

'Sorry about that. Shall we proceed?' Calum says putting his hand forward. 'We shall' i say, mimicking his tone. We both laugh all the way to the table. I pick up the menu and turn the laminated sheet from the edge. I scrape my skin. Blood comes out. 'Shit' I curse. Calum head diverts from the card to my hand. His eye colour become darker? 'I-is that blood?' He stutters. 'Noooooooo. Calum its honey that looks red in colour..' I say sarcastically. 'Good. Cuz I'm scared of blood. So please wash that off. Cuz I'm dying inside now..' He says. 'Okay.' I say walking towards the washroom. I wash my hand, wipe it off, walk back to the table and take my place. 'I don't know what to get..' I say frustrated. 'Please order for me Calum. Ill see your taste that way' I say exited. 'Okay.' He replies. He orders and we eat. We talk about our favourite food, colour, places, things, movies, songs, etc.... The food gets over before I know it. We leave the restaurant with me paying.. He tried to stop me. It was quite funny cuz we were arguing at the table and everyone was staring at us. I left with my nose held high.... Until i see what i didn't want to. On the road under me was a COCKROACH!! 'Fuck... Calum. Shit. Get it far away from me!!!' I run towards him and jump in his arms. He just stands there laughing. 'Hey. Your scared of blood and it runs in your veins. Cockroaches are different species. Don't laugh. Onwards my trusty steed!' I yell jumping on his back. He holds legs giving me a piggy back ride all the way to the car,laughing, where he sets me down like I'm a fragile piece of glass. We drive back home

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