True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


17. Clues

Ruth's POV ~

I fall asleep reading the book. 

After some time I felt the book being taken from my hands and heard it being closed. I’m normally a sound sleeper but I just fell asleep simply so I slept lightly. I felt hands slip under me and pick me up. Bridal style. Since I was not actually tired sleepy I woke a little to see Ashton lift me up and carry me to my room where Joanna slept. He lays me down on the bed and tucks me in, placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

“Thanks Ash.” I say softly. “Your welcome. Goodnight, love” Ashton says flashing those signature dimples of his whilst giggling and he quietly leaves the room, shutting the door.


Calum’s POV ~

I watch Ash tuck Ruth into bed. Okay Fine. I was looking through the door. Ash doesn’t know about what the management told me to do. He and Ruth have become really close. I bet he would kill me if he knew the truth.


Ruth’s POV ~

I wake up in the morning. At least I think it was the morning. I turn to the right and Joanna isn’t there. I remember what happened clearly yesterday. Note to self: Thank Ashton Again.

I go to the washroom to brush my teeth and well stuff….. I come out again and realize……. I DON’T KNOW WHERE MY BOOKS ARE!!!!

“Joanna…. JOANNA!!!!” I yell whilst coming down the stairs. “What happened, Ruth?’’ Joanna asks me camly while dusting her hands on the apron. My guesses.. she was cooking. I look at the wall clock and its 1:30 already. Typical me. I overslept.

“Have you seen Ashton?” I ask her. “Yea. He was in his room the last time I saw him. Aren’t you supposed to be looking for Calum?” she asks me.

“No. Why would I be looking for Calum?” I ask her. “You’ll know...” she replies going into the kitchen. I was really hungry and I really wanted the books as well... Food comes first. I follow her to the Kitchen and chug down a glass of milk, then shoving Cheerios into my mouth…

“Ruth!! Eat like a human… not like a pig” Joanna scolds me.

“Yes mom.” I say running to Ashton’s room only to find him lying down on the bed with earphones on with his eyes closed.

I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t hear me because the volume was high. I should know. I listen to music the same way.

I walk slowly to the other side of the bed and jump on it causing Ashton to roll off. “Hey… what was that for?” Ashton asks me whining. “Stop being a cry baby and tell me where my books are.” I demanded.

“The first book is on the roof. There’s a paper inside. That’s your first clue. If you guess it right, it’ll lead you to the second clue. And you follow the procedure so on. The fifth clue will lead to the second book. Then 5 clues from there will lead you to the 3rd book and there will also be a surprise waiting there for you… That’s all the information I have. Yeah and also the clues can and will lead you outside the house so dress casual. Now go.” Ash says pushing me gently out of the room.

“Yeah… Thanks and Sorry… Thanks for yesterday and sorry about making you fall…” I say looking at the floor. “No worries. I live with THE Michael Clifford. I’m used to it. Now go. Your surprise awaits you” he says smiling. I give him a small hug and leave to get dressed. I wear black skinny jeans and a white sleeveless top. I go to the roof. Divergent is kept right in the middle. I flip through the pages and find a paper. It said “ Go to the most ideal place that you think a perfect date would take place. There you’ll find the second clue behind a divergent poster. Its near the food shack” I know where that is…. THE BEACH!! I grab the keys that Ash gave me beforehand and run out the front door. My surprise awaits me….


(A/N: I updated from my computer. Ill next be updating 'Lovestruck' so read that if you'll find the time to do so. Take Care :* )

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