True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


19. 2nd Date

Ruth's POV ~


My jaw drops all the way to the floor (not literally). I slowly move my hands to remove Calum's hands from my waist. I run closer to see it better.

There is a picnic basket set on a cloth with a candle in between. We are in a farmhouse. That running water sound was a small deep stream flowing right next to the picnic spot. 'Did you do all this?' I ask him. 'Yup. Did you like it?' He questions walking near me making me sit down. 'Why wouldn't I?' I say and sit down.

He quickly takes his place to the opposite side of the basket and slowly opens the basket. He removes paper-plates and sets them down for both of us.

From inside the basket he removes bread shaped like flowers with Nutella in between, making me giggle. 'Sorry. This is the best I could make' he says, his cheeks reddening. 'No. Its beautiful.' I say crawling over to his side, kissing him on the cheek and crawling back to my original position again.

He slightly smiles and starts eating. I take a bite of my sandwich (if I can call it that). 'Best Nutella sandwich ever!' I exclaim with a slight grin. 'Haha. Very Funny.' He says sarcastically.

After eating he comes and sits next to me and we just sit and talk about things when his phone dings. 'A text' he says softly.

We both a laying down now and he struggles to take his phone out of his back pocket. After a world war with himself,his phone and his bum, he got the phone out. His face had a huge smile on his face as he read the text and the smile just kept growing bigger and bigger.

'Sorry. Ill have to cut the date short but Denise came home and I wanna see her' he says his smile turning into a cute puppy dog face. 'Yeah. Sure. Ill just go back home.' I say. 'There's this other thing. Umm.. Luke dropped me here and if you don't mind, can you drop me home to see my sister?' He says. 'Sure' i reply. He says thanks and starts packing up our things and I help him.

When we finish he insists on carrying the things and we start walking back to the car. I slip on some wet grass and fall on him softly. He giggles and I get back up only to fall again. This time backwards. Into the stream. Now my clothes are soaking and my hair is wet. Yay (note the sarcasm).

Calum turns and starts laughing really loud. 'Wait a minute I gotta get this' he says talking out his phone and snapping a picture of me giving him a pouty face. He keeps his phone down and helps me up only to fall into the stream himself. Now he's soaking and I start laughing. 'Not Funny' he says. 'Darling it is. Karma's a bitch isn't she?' I say, standing up. Taking his phone and clicking a picture messaging it to me. I left my phone in the car. I give him my hand and he gets up and we walk back to the car. 'Whose car is this?' I ask Calum. 'Michael's' he says. 'Wont he get mad if it become wet?' I ask him. 'Nah. We've had coke fights in here and he didn't give a damn.'he says. 'Okay' is all I say and he takes the drivers seat and we both leave to go to Calum's house. 'Denise is great. You'll love her' 'I wonder if she enjoyed the cruise she went to' 'Denise is the best sister ever' is all Calum says during the car ride.



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