True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


4. 1st meeting

Ruth's POV

Sounding like a toad is not a good First impression. Especially when you are such a huge fan. And not a very fun person. Its quite depressing. GAWD!! I need to stop talking to myself....

'You must be thirsty.. Ill get you a drink' Luke said and went out. Wow.... He actually cares. Who am I kidding... Nobody cares... Except Joanna. She never left my side. Even when I asked her too.. *flashback* "Joanna... Its not safe here staying with my anymore.... Please leave. Go to London. Chase your dreams.." I said. "NO. I cant leave you and go.. I wont..."she said and I cut her off.. "DONT YOU SEE WHAT HE DID TO ME?? HE CAN HARM YOU AS WELL... I WONT BE ABLE TO LIVE WITH MYSELF IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO YOU.." I said while crying and showing her my wounds, scars and black/blue spots. I heard the door open.

"Leave Joanna.. NOW!!" I demanded. "No. We can do this together. We will figure it out together...." She said, trying to convince me. "Okay... But not now. Please leave now through the window. Please... Please" I pleaded and practically pushed her out.. She climbed out of the window. If she didn't, she knew that I would push her out. We both could do anything for each other. She was like a sister to me. NO. She was my sister. Id never let him hurt her because of me.... "We will find a way out." I hear her yell and I shut the window. *end of flashback*

I felt a tear rolling down my cheeks. I found enough energy to quickly wipe it away. When doing so, i saw the scars on my wrist.. This made me cry soo much more. I turned my head so that it was facing the pillow and was softly crying. I learnt to do so long time ago. I used to cry loud soo that everyone around would know i was crying. But after staying with him... I knew my tears or pleading made no difference to anyone.

I heard the main door bang shut.

"RUTH!! RUTH!!" My name was being yelled.

Thats when i herd a clang.

"WHERE IS RUTH??!!" I knew that voice anywhere. Joanna.

"Up-psta-irs.." I think Luke said. Then i heard a thud...

EUREKA!! I know what happened. This was Joanna's protective side. She probably held Luke by the collar and then pushed him to the wall. This only happened when she feels that someone she loved was in danger. Otherwise she couldn't hurt a fly. She was the Girliest-Girl out there otherwise.

A/N : Working on the next chapter. Will have it done by today... Its almost done anyways. :)

Thanks for reading

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