The lost reverence

I never knew why I loved you, and I wish I never did, you told me you loved me , and took me to amazing places. But then you kiss another girl, and ignore me, then you still tell me you love me. Well now I know why hurricanes are named after people


3. the sad part about sleeping

That night l lay in bed and hear the door close, he had just came home. I lag in bed and pretend to sleep . He takes his shirt off the same with his pant, he moves the covers and crawls in bed, putting his arm around me then kissing me on the cheek. Not long after Cameron he falls asleep. I can't stop thinking about the good times me and cameron had together. They were amazing I remember on our 1 year anniversary thinking that he was my heaven, that I was going to be with him forever. The thing is he might be my heaven, but his heaven is maddy, I lie in bed thinking if him while he thinks of her. Then I remember that I am and always will be know as the rebound, the girl he had sex with so he Can get over her. I know it's true cause that why all his friends call me that to. his friends loved Maddy, until she cheated on him. So i guess he thought to get over her he hast to do the same thing. Make a girl girl fall in love with you then break them into millions of peaces. I think about all of this until I fall asleep. The next morning around 6 am, I pack up all of my stuff being as quite as possible so I don't wake him up. I grab the keys get in to the car. as I drove away I see him running after my car. He stops an runs his finger though his bed head with a look of sorrow on is face cause he knew why I was leaving.I stop at a gas station and sit in the parking lot on my phone making a hotel reservation because I was still tired and I couldn't drive with the blurry eyes of tears. I leave the gas station and drive to the hotel. As I check in I see Nash walking down stairs. "y/n what are you doing here" Nash says confused. I didn't answer him. I walk away to the elevator. As it opens a happy couple walks out. It made want to cry even more cause I knew me and cam was like that once. As I get to my room 100 more tears start to fall out, I couldn't stop thinking about me and Cameron and how we used to be. I unlock my room and slam the door. I throw my stuff on the floor and crawl up in bed and fall asleep again hoping to dream about a better fairytale.

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