The lost reverence

I never knew why I loved you, and I wish I never did, you told me you loved me , and took me to amazing places. But then you kiss another girl, and ignore me, then you still tell me you love me. Well now I know why hurricanes are named after people


2. the cloud if tears

It's was two years after we meet, what love was and still is lingers though our voice a we say goodbye. "Bye angle see you soon" cameron says with the look of guilt in his eyes, he know I know everything, but yet I still stay with him cause the feeling of loving felt so amazing that you wouldn' couldn't let go. I sit at home thinking about how he's touching her, and how it Should be me. Was my love not good enough for him? I look out the windows and see the cloud that has been sitting there for days,so grey, so big, looking like it's about to explode as it has sense it first came, but yet that grey lonely cloud stay there like it's waiting for the other to come back. I hear the thunder after seeing a bolt of lighting, the cloud was about to let go, the little drops of water that has been stored up for days...months...maybe even years, the cloud was about to let it all go, the same was I, i was about to let out all the tears I've been holding back, cause at that time I knew I was just another cloud , that he looked at and called beautiful, then goes away. As each tear falls out another millions fall from the sky. I lay in bed and asleep thinking about what I'm going to do tommorow, because tomorrow it all ends!

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