The lost reverence

I never knew why I loved you, and I wish I never did, you told me you loved me , and took me to amazing places. But then you kiss another girl, and ignore me, then you still tell me you love me. Well now I know why hurricanes are named after people


1. the beginning if stupidity

I remember when I first meet you. You we're perfect a sign if perfection, but things that seem to good to be true has horrible flaws that you won't know until it's to late. He might of seemed perfect on the inside and out, but I always knew their was something off about his, I just never put much thought into I though. I let you play me like the fool I was. The key word is was. The only thing you have me was walls walls to protect me from people like you, I even blocked people who shouldn't of been blocked like family. You made me this way, scared of being hurt. The thing is I want to be loved the way you loved me, you made me feel SPECAL. You always told me you would never lie to me and you can't fake feelings, this thing is your the best at flying and faking feelings, the worst part is I BELIEVED YOU!!!!

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