Ways to Go

"This was never suppose to happen." Camilia said. I nodded. "We were never suppose to meet, it would be better if we didn't."


2. Chapter 2

        "Now how Cami how can we trust these boys?" Lauren asked in a whisper. "Because I know who they work for." I whispered back. Lauren shook her head. Dinah turned to me a gave me a "are you serious" look.  The five boys stood awkwardly at the front door to me Dinah and Lauren's mansion. Their eyes widened as they looked around. Our house has the tallest ceiling ever, lovely crown molding, a table in the center, two flights of spiral staircases going up to the second floor, the floor is ceramic tile. There are pricey things all over the place. The kitchen has the best gadgets. The counter top is marble. And also there are at least eight bedrooms, each one with a different theme and a bathroom of its own. From inside you can see that they have a heated pool that is connected to a hot tub. The manor is hidden away in a beautiful thick forest. You see a great garden with wonderful plants. "Come sit. We have things to discuss." Dinah seriously said. The boys followed us into the front living room and sat on the plush cotton couches that you almost sink into. I chuckle as Niall sinks into the seat next to me. "Ok boys so who do you work for and what is your mission." asked Dinah. "We work for the London Protective Agency. Or the LPA. Our mission is to protect you." Harry replies. I look up from my hands clutched around a mug of peach tea. The warmth seeps through my fingers"Why do you need to protect us?" I asked with a slight grin. We don't need protection. "There are people after you. They seek to kill you." Zayn said with a smolder plastered on his face. "Cami, we know pretty much all about you. We got our hands on your HJA files. So don't worry." Louis said . I blushed and looked down. "Wow, that must have sucked to see all that stuff." I said with a slight chuckle. Louis laughed. "Man, you guys never learn to stop getting in trouble!" Lauren glared at Louis."It's only because we were doing missions!" she yelled. "Except that one time when you know we kinda robbed a bank..." Dinah trailed off. "Dinah!!' me and Lauren yelled in ursion. The boys looked up at us wide eyed. "what the hell! Why did you rob a bank?!" yelled Niall. "Because if we didn't then little Lauren here would have been killed." I said mocking my friend. Lauren sent me an icy glare. "Yeah, but you got shot in the process!" Lauren confronted. "You always get shot." Dinah quietly pipped up. Lauren burst out laughing and said "Yeah it's like you're a bullet magnet!" she snickered. I rolled my eyes. There was so chuckles from the boys. "Shut it or you can sleep outside in the street tonight." I threatened pointing at them. Liam threw his arms up. I laughed.


          The boys all found some guest rooms to sleep in and settled down. Everyone was up in their room as I sat down stairs in the kitchen  making my late night tea. I couldn't sleep without it. Chris' words ran through my head. "They will get you. You can't hide it from your friends for long Camila."  The floor boards creek behind me. I quickly grab the butter knife that sat on the table and threw it in the direction of the nose. "Ahh!" Harry yelled. The knife missed him by so little and got stuck in the wall beside him. "What the hell was that for?!" he yelled. "Sorry just kinda paranoid I guess." I told him. "It's fine. Do you want to talk about it?" He asked. I paused and finished the rest of my tea. "No." I told him throwing my cup in the sink and running up the stairs to my room. Not today Harry. 

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