Ways to Go

"This was never suppose to happen." Camilia said. I nodded. "We were never suppose to meet, it would be better if we didn't."


1. Chapter 1

          I could hear the sirens outside. Great they are here. Now someone might get hurt. Or killed. I ran through the burning down building as fast as I could. I had no idea where Dinah and Lauren were. That could be a problem. A piece of the floor came out from underneath me. I fell through a story and landed wrong on one of my legs hearing the crack echo. I winced at the sound but strangely I didn't feel the pain till I stood up. I coughed the smoke getting in my lungs. I couldn't walk, my legs went out from under me and I tripped. "Lauren! Dinah!" I screamed for help. I felt a pair of arms lifting me. They for sure weren't any of my teammates arms. They were big and strong. I looked up at my rescuer. Curly brown hair that went to about his shoulders was pulled back by a bandanna. He had chiseled features, high cheek bones and tanned skin. A few tattoos peeked out of the tight black shirt that he wore. I struggled a little, I didn't know this person I had to get free. "Who are you?" I asked with a cough. "The name's Harry and I just rescued you so don't fight." He told me. "We have your friend, Lauren I think is her name. She was shot in the side so we rescued her also." he said. I gasped. "We don't need your rescuing! This is our mission not yours!" I almost yelled. "Wha-" Harry started to say but was cut off when the floor in front of us collapsed. Harry made a puzzled face. He backed up and ran. "What are you doing!" I yelled at him. He jumped over the hole and threw me so I reached the other side. He missed by that much and fell. I yelped out. I looked over the edge to see he was just barley holding on. I sighed in relief and helped pull him up.  He picked me up again and started to run. We were so close to the door when the window burst open and dogs came through tackling Harry. I went down with him. I got on my knees and pulled out my knives. In three quick flicks of the wrist our problem was solved. "My turn to save you." I said smirking. Harry grabbed me and kicked the door down. I saw four boys surrounding something in a circle. Harry set me down and the boys looked at me. I watched as the building came down. I then remembered about Dinah. "Dinah!!!" I yelled. One of the boys walked over to me. "She isn't dead don't worry. The police got her." I sighed. The boy sat in front of me. "Hi I'm Niall." he said. Niall had blonde quiffed hair with light blue eyes and pale skin. "I'm Camilia." I told him. "Now Camilia what did you do to your leg?" he asked in his thick Irish accent while the rest had British accents. "I landed on it wrong and believe I broke it." I told him. He nodded. "Why did you rescue us?" I asked. Niall looked around. "It was our job. We were told to do it." I looked at him confused. I crawled over to Lauren. someone was wrapping up the gunshot wound on her waist. Everyone looked to me. "Oh, Camila this is Liam," Niall said pointing to who I assumed was the medic. He had blondish brownish hair and a scruffy beard. "Zayn." I looked to a very attractive man, Black quiffed hair, little facial hair slim face. Dark brown eyes. "And Louis." He finished pointing to the last one. Louis had, dark brown hair and amazing crystal blue eyes. I nodded to them in a greeting. "Everyone this is Camila." Niall mumbled. Lauren sat walked up next to me. "Well it was lovely of you to save our lives but we must be going, there someone we have to break out of jail." she said helping me up and letting me use her as a human crutch. "Wait! I don't think you're in the type of shape to be doing any thing like that, I mean you just got shot and Camila broke her leg." Said Harry. "Let's help you." Niall said kindly. "Why should we trust you?" Lauren snapped. Louis was just about to talk when I cut him off. "We can trust them. And if they pull anything it would be easy to take care of." I said remembering Harry and how he risked his life for me. Lauren gave me a puzzled look. "What got into you." she asked. "Come on follow us." I said to the five boys.


       We arrived at Lauren's, Dinah's and my house. Niall carried me inside and set me down on the couch. "Liam come bind her leg!" he commanded. My leg lay on a pillow so it's elevated as Liam binded my leg. Lauren came out with her two pistols strapped to her waist. "Get ready." she told me. 

         I came back with small throwing knives and sniper rifle, limping on my hurt leg. "Ok since I can't run, I will cover you guys and help you get in." I said. Everyone was geared up and ready to go. By now it was already dark out. It was already time to go. We all got in Lauren black audi and was off to the county jail where Dinah was being held. I was dropped off at a building right next to the the jail. I entered the building and took the elevator to the top. When I reached the top floor I climbed out the window and pushed myself to the top. I set up my rifle and looked through the scope. I talked into the walkie talkie. "I got eyes on." I said. "Ok look for us we are by the front gate. If you see any threats take them out." I herd Lauren. I serched for the front gate and finally found them. I looked around the area and saw a few cameras. With I took each out with one shot. I looked to Lauren and the boys and saw that they cut through the fence and were sneaking in. I saw a guard walkingtoward where they are. I switched my bullets to darts so it wouldn't kill them. I shot the guard in the neck and he collapsed to the ground. Good thing I have my silencer. "No threats in the area." I told them. I herd Zayn reply. "Ok going in."


       I waited there for a while. Looking around the area for anyone. I don't know how they are going to pull this off. My eyes caught something, more like someone. A guard sat on the roof aiming his gun at me. I ducked down protected by the wall just in time. I herd a gunshot and herd the impact in the wall. I looked through the scope and aim at the man to shoot back. I pulled the trigger. I hit the guards gun. Another guard joined him on the roof and shot at me. Just barley missing me. I whisper in the walkie talkie. "I have been spotted. Two guards are shooting at me. They are on the roof so when you exit avoid the left side." I told them. The brick wall behind my back was hit again. I turned back around but I did too early. The guard shot me in the shoulder. I cried out. "I have been hit." I said to the others. "Hold tight we are on our way." Harry said. I hold my wound and squeeze my eyes shut. I groan in pain. I turn around again and shoot a guard. He falls forward off the roof right in front of Louis and Niall. They look in my direction then start to run. I aim at the last guard and shoot. Reluctantly hitting him. I lay on the ground for a second regaining my strength. I apply pressure to my shoulder. I yelp. I look through the scope again and search the area and find some guards creeping up on Lauren and Dinah. I shoot both of them. The two girls turn around startled. Then look up to me. "Thanks." I hear Lauren through the talkie. I look around for any enemies. Then I hear someone clear their throat behind me. I turn around to see a man holding a pistol in his hand. I grabbed hold of one of my knives. "You aren't suppose to be up here Camila. Now what are you doing here." he said. I stared at my enemy as he raised his gun at me. I threw my knife at his leg. I yelled and fell. "Camila? Are you ok who's up there with you?" I herd Zayn ask. "GO! Get out of here now just leave me I will come just go!" I yelled knowing the threat soon to come. I grabbed my sniper rifle and strapped it to my back. I ran to the ledge. Chris looked up at me. "They will get you. You can't hide it from your friends for long Camila." he said as I climbed down the building. My heart sank. "Camila where are you?" I herd Harry ask. "I'm by the building but hurry." I told him. The black Audi pulled up in front of me. I limped to it holding the gunshot wound in my shoulder. Harry got out of the car and picked me up. "She's injured Liam get the kit out!" he yelled laying me down on Niall and Louis' lap. We had to all squeeze in that car. Liam got out tweezers, a needle, some numbing, and thread. He pulled off my jacket and shirt. "Ok just bear with me this is going to hurt." he said placing the tweezers on the bullet. He gently pulled on it and I groaned. "There that wasn't hard."he said. I sighed. He grabbed the bottle of numbing and dabbed it on a tissue. He wiped it on the wound then got out his needle and threaded it.  After the painful process of being stitched up we arrived back home.



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