Grave Secret

I never knew what I had until I lost it. My dear life. It was taken away from me. But I got another chance. Another chance to solve my murder. Another chance to make things right, to make my life complete again. My name is Lauren. I'm 16 years old, and I'm dead. I was sent back to my hometown to solve my murder, expose some secrets, discover the truth and put souls to rest. But nothing, absolutely nothing, is easy when your town is more mysterious than anything else.


1. Visions

An empty room with torn wallpapers, shriveled leaves on the ground, an odor smelling so strongly it hurt, and a red, flowing substance. Blood.

A girl was sitting in the corner, her eyes reddened from tears. Her stare was locked on the corpse. Her corpse.

She suddenly felt a mild gust of wind, heard a swooshing sound, and saw the leaves swirling up as if a tornado had just occurred. Her vision blurred, but she could just make out some red eyes looking at her. They were shining unnaturally. It all seemed like a nightmare, but she could feel her hair, her body, she could feel everything. This wasn't a dream. Suddenly everything went quiet.

"Hello?" she asked. "I-is anybody here?" She looked around, her eyes searching rapidly for movement. 

"I sssee you, Lauren Chandooo..." a cold voice hissed. "I sssee your family, your.. loved onessss..." 

"What do you see?!" the girl, whose name was Lauren, screamed. "Where the hell am I? Who the hell are you? What the hell is going on?!" 

Suddenly she saw a spirit-like figure hovering over the ground. It flew right towards her, making Lauren unconscious. Her body was lifted up in the air, her leg was in a position that seemed impossible. Her fingers bent the wrong way, making disturbing snap-noises, as if her bones were breaking. Her body was twisting like a tangled set of earphones. Her mouth began frothing, the foam dripping from her lips to the floor where it quickly dissolved. 

"Are we having fun nowwww?..:" the voice hissed once again. 

Lauren's eyes quickly opened. A sharp shot of pain flew through her entire body, making her scream. Her scream was drowned by the hissing voice, though.

"Shhh... we are only playing, little girllll...." 

Lauren could no longer feel any of her body parts. Her fingers dangled, so did her legs and arms. Every single body piece of hers was hurting. The pain was unbearable. All of a sudden, it ended. The hovering apparition disappeared, resulting in Lauren being thrown to the ground. 

"I sssee you..."

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