1. Imagine #1 (dirty & funny)

He pushes me agaisnt the wall. He kisses my neck leaving marks.

He pulls me away from the wall and walks I don't know where. I have my eyes closed.

"Y/n, you are so perfect." H/n says. I open my eyes.

"Only saying it because I'm naked." I roll my eyes. He throws me to a bed and my eyes widen. "H/n, this is my parents's bed! Not here!"

H/n shrugs and hovers ontop of me.

"Why am I naked and you are only with your pants and boxers on?" I ask.

"I don't know. You haven't taken them off of me." He winks.

He leans in and kisses me. He starts going down.

By now h/n is by my collar bone, leaving marks on me. He kisses me harder this time, making me moan.

"H/n...! Ahhhhhh... It hurts. The way you... Kiss mr hard!"

"O-oh s-s-sorry!"

"Can i take off your pants?" I ask blushing.

"Whenever you want, baby." H/n says.

I sit up and our bodies are pressed together. Sweating,

I put my hands on his pant's waist band. I try to take them off but I can't. H/n starts laughing.

"Help?" I snap.

He takes his pants off and throws it to the floor.

"Do I take my boxers off ir...?"

I put my hands in his boxers's waist band and I pull it down and throw it on the king sized bed.

His crock isn't small as I though it would and I better stop staring at it or I'll get over turned on.

"Okay. Let's start?" He blushes.

I nod and push him to the bed. I hover ontop of him and smirk.

I lean to his chest and start kissing it, leaving marks. He moans.

"Don't moan!" I hiss, giggles escaping me.

"Hey, it's not like you didn't!"

I roll my eyes and keep going down leaving kiss marks.

I get to his crock and take it on my hands. I squeeze it making him moan and grpan at the same time. I laugh.

"Well? Why did you grabbed it?" He asks.

"I don't even know..." I admit.

"Suck it..?"

My eyes widen and I blush. "H/n!"

He laughs at me and I roll my eyes. I lean in since he closed his eyes till laughing. I bite it and he screams. I laugh.


I lick it, tasting it. I put it in my mouth and move it back and forth making he moan.

I hear a gasp from my mother and I stop and take i out of my mouth.

"Young lady! What are you doing?" She crosses her arms.


"We are having sex in your bed. In this part she was sucking my dick." H/n explains.

"H/n!" I hit him in the arm.

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