Until We Meet Again

There was a boy, there was a girl, there was a 24 hour Wal-Mart, and there was a short, beautiful relationship that started with a bag of Cheetos. This is the story of him and her, she and he, and the power of coincidences and fate.


8. 8


Goodbye- (noun) [ ˌgo͝odˈbī ]

Used to express good wishes when parting or at the end of a conversation; an expression used that often breaks another’s heart.


They walked to the back of the airport together, talking and laughing. The girl had bedhead from sleeping, and the boy had bags beneath his eyes from staying awake. Their stomachs growled, and once they had retrieved their luggage, they stopped by Starbucks. He ordered a latte. She ordered a Frappuccino.

“It’s been a short infinity, hasn’t it?” He asked as they found a table.

“Better than one that never happened,” the girl replied, and began to sip at her drink.

“I never thought this would happen to me,” the boy told her, and he suddenly looked sad. There were no displays of the happiness from the plane flight over on his face.


“Love. Having to say goodbye,” he said, and then he was kissing her. She tasted like vanilla and whipped cream, but also all the moments in their boundless infinity that never happened.

When he was done, she was crying.

“I’ll give you my number,” she told him, and she was already fishing out a piece of paper when he replied.

“Did you know that two objects can never truly touch?” He asked. She stopped what she was doing.

“Yeah, I guess. Why?”

“It’s because there is space between atoms, every single one, and when two objects are pressed up against each other, there is a tiny atomic gap between them,” he said, and she furrowed her eyebrows.

“What does this-“

He put a finger to her lips.

“But we’re connected. Haven’t you noticed that?”

She smiled.

“Of course.”

“We have collided our atoms, or as I like to call it, the fiber of our beings. We have done the impossible, you and me, and I think we have reached the beyond of our infinity,” he whispered. She reached out a hand to his face, and she looked sad.

“We have allowed fate to do its job, and now, you have so much out there just waiting for you, No One, to join in. You know?” He asked. She nodded, slowly, thoughtfully.

“I guess.”

“You know. And I am a tether, something holding you back. I want you to watch you spread your wings and fly like a bird,” he said.

“You’re so cheesy,” she told him, although her voice was cracked.

He kissed her forehead, inhaling the scent of her perfume.

“I know.”

She checked her watch, and her face fell.

“I told my mom I would meet her in ten minutes, so I have to go, but I…..” Her voice trailed off as he kissed her lips, shortly and sweetly, one last time.

“Forever,” he said, and he smiled.


They stared at each other one last time before the girl took off, jogging slightly, and he was broken but he was alive, as if the girl he had met in the snack aisle at Wal-Mart had brought back his heart and his soul. (She had.)

But he was confident, because their extraordinary thing was happening over and over again, and he was positive that one day, they would meet again.

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