Until We Meet Again

There was a boy, there was a girl, there was a 24 hour Wal-Mart, and there was a short, beautiful relationship that started with a bag of Cheetos. This is the story of him and her, she and he, and the power of coincidences and fate.


6. 6


Night- (noun) [ nīt ]

A period of darkness; the evening; darkness. It is also when all the good things happen.


~~The two met each other, once again, in the pouring rain.

It was icy and frozen, and both the boy and the girl were wearing big coats and boots. The girl had on a pair of leggings. The boy had on a pair of track pants.

It was night, and the moon and the stars hung from the velvety black sky like ornaments. The sidewalk was a silvery-yellow, glowing from the water falling from the invisible clouds, and the street was utterly barren, except for a very average girl and a very average boy.

They ran into each other.

They stumbled backwards, although neither of them fell.

“Oh my god!” The girl cried the second that she had taken a good look at the boy she had rammed into. “It’s you!”

“Yeah, it’s me,” the boy replied, a grin set like stone into his happy face.

“Why?” She yelled, and she didn’t look excited. She looked horror-stricken. The boy, meanwhile, paid her expression no notice.

“You’re not mad, are you?” He asked, and the girl relaxed a little.

“No. Not mad. Only terrified.”

The boy chuckled and ran his fingers through his rain-dotted hair.

“Well, it’s nice to see you again,” he tried, and this time, it was the girl’s turn to smile.

“It’s nice to see you again, too,” she answered, and the boy agreed heartily. I love seeing you. Seeing you is the highlight of this boring life of mine.

She stared at him, and he stared at her. The girl and the boy were standing feet, even yards, away from each other, but their eyes were connected as one.

This time, it was her that walked over to him. She traced his lips, which were dotted with rain, and then his forehead, his cheeks, and his jaw, and when she was done, neither of them were breathing.

“Why are you doing this to me?” She muttered. The boy grinned form ear-to-ear.

“Doing what?”

“Making me believe in something that doesn’t exist.”

“Fate?” The boy questioned, and the girl answered.


And now there wasn’t a doubt in either of their minds that they were meant for each other, and they didn’t kiss, not this time, but simply stared at one another, taking in the other, breathless and hopeful.

“You know when you said that everything has an ending?” The boy asked, and the rain got harder, plummeting from the sky as if each droplet were a bullet.

“Yes,” the girl replied, and the wind picked up, her hair flying across her face and her raincoat flapping out behind her.

“I know something that doesn’t have one,” the boy said, and the girl smiled.

“What would that be?”

She was a shining, beautiful angel, and her voice was a glorious song.

“Us. We’re infinite,” he said, and the rain was diamonds and the sky was silk, and he and her, she and he,  the boy and the girl, were everlasting, if only for a moment, and the gap between them was closed with the crashing of lips and teeth and souls.

And when they were done, they were struggling for air as if they had been drowning in the rain that fell from the silk above them.

“Well,” the girl said, and the boy was smiling, and it was radiant.

“Well,” he repeated, and the two walked their separate ways, knowing whole-heartedly that they would meet again.

They were nameless, the boy and the girl, but they were as timeless as time itself.

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