Only 5 seconds of summer

A girl a boy what could go wrong in a teenage world.


1. Like DaFuq

Hey it is bayboo hope you enjoy my first chapter!!! It will be short but soon I will have longer chapters. Love you all!!! 💕💓💕 - bayboo

Calums POV

I woke up to a numerous number of missed calls. It was Ashley my girlfriend who was getting a little clingy lately I think we should break up but I haven't told her yet. I listened to one of the voicemails. "Calum Hood if you break up with me you will pay and it would be bad for your health if you came around here again!!!"

"I wonder if Michael told his girlfriend and she told Ashley. Now I have to either stay or break up with her. Well I think for now the best would be to stay together."

A few minuets later a drunk Ashton calls "where is the bathroom bro." In the back round I heard a girl giggling and calling him "A huge hottie" saying she wanted to make out. I waited a minuet then responded "I Don't Know where you are man I can't help."

He hung up and that was the end of my night I fell asleep.

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