Monster << (H.S)

He's different, not like anyone I've met. He thinks different, he talks different, and frankly,
he looks different. His eyes can change quicker than anything, and his attitude is demanding. His heart is black, his soul is missing. The young boy his mum knew is now gone, black sits on his body, and his mind is smarter than the best hacker out there. But don't mistake him for some badass, Mr.Styles has a soft spot, and I wouldn't dare to cross it.

ⓒ 2014 GIBBS Copyright



"If there's one thing I've learned, it's to never trust you."



I shot up in my bed, panting hard. My hair stuck to my forehead and my clothes were like a second skin. I let my eyes adjust to my surroundings; I was still in my room. It was just a dream, I told myself with a sigh of relief. However, that didn’t stop me from wondering, why it was always the same dream. It was like a memory haunting you for all eternity and you could never get rid of it. A spooky feeling had crept upon me; I looked around my room and shielded my eyes from the light that peeped through the crack in the curtains.

I quickly slide off my quilted sheets, and onto the hard tile making sure it didn't wake my parents. Since I've returned home they barely let me go to the restroom alone. I slide the curtain open, seeing headlights to a car. His car. I slam the woolen drape, looking back at the clock only 12:30.

I take another peek looking at the curly haired boy making his way up the pavement. 'What to do.' I ask myself, now chewing my nails.

"What is he doing here?" I whisper, walking over to my night stand and grabbing the army knife I was given by father.

Pushing the weapon open I jump back into bed, gripping it tighter as seconds go by. I hear his raspy voice whistle a tune. My heart races, my breathing intensifies, and I feel his presence. Propping the window with his massive muscles,and enters my tiny room.

"I know you're not asleep." He accented voice chuckles.

"What do you want?" I whisper, peering my head out of the sheet.


I ignore his bribe once again hopping out of the soft bed. A smile spreads across his face, whe he notices the five inch knife, a smirk is replaced.

"You wouldn't hurt a fly." He chuckles standing there pleased.

"Yeah, you're right. But that was before I met you." I confirm being brutally honest.

"Cocky aren't we?" He smiles playing with the top of his colar.

"You need to leave, now." I whisper yell pushing my finger towards the opened framework.

"I need your help.." He says plopping on my bed.


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