The bad boy

Moving was a tragedy for violet. She had to leave all her friends behind and she had to start all over. What happens when Matt Espinosa, the bad boy gains feeling for violet? Will everything change?


4. chapter 4

*Violets POV*

Why was he here? He isn't suppose to be here. "We'll violet be polity and say hi" I looked over at the lady and said hey. "Hi I'm Matt, nice to meet you" he said and smile. Fake much. I thought. "I have for my science class. Were doing a project together" I said and smirked "oh yeah. We can work on it tomorrow after school" he said. He smiled at my mom and then shot me a death glare.


After we "talked" my mom told me and Matt to go upstairs and plan our science project. "why are you here?" I asked him rudely "ouch babe I thought you might have wanted to see me" he said and walked closer to me. One hand laid on my waist and the other one in my hand. My heart was besting faster than ever and I was nervous as hell. He leaned in and stop not so far away from my lips. He pulled back and bursted out laughing. "Never in a million years will I kiss you. Your ugly." he said and walked out my room. I sat on the edge of my bed and let my tears fall. Why did he hate me so much? What did I do to him? "Violet the Espinosa's are leaving come say bye" my mom yelled.

I wiped my tears and walked downstairs. "Bye violet it was nice meeting you. Matt will come by after school to help you with the project" mrs. Espinosa said. She leaned in and pulled me into a hug. "bye violet see you at school" Matt said. He came over to me and embraced me in a hug. I could tell he really didn't want to hug me. "violet hug back" my mom said. I wrapped my arms on his neck and I hugged him. With that they left

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