The bad boy

Moving was a tragedy for violet. She had to leave all her friends behind and she had to start all over. What happens when Matt Espinosa, the bad boy gains feeling for violet? Will everything change?


3. chapter 3

I got into what seem to be kiara's car. I mean she was the one who got into the drivers seat. "So violet where did you come from?" Toni said while turning around in her seat. "I came from Houston" I said. "Oh nice. What made you move here?" kiara asked "my mom got a promotion here in LA so we moved" I said "ah, do you have any siblings?" Toni asked "yeah and older brother. His name is chase. He is 23" I replied.


The question kept coming all the way until we reached Panda Express. We order and took a seat "hey babe" a tall handsome boy with the most adorable face ever said. "Hey shawn" kiara said and kissed him "where is cameron?" Toni said. "He's in the car" he paused "and who is this" he continued and pointed at me "thats, violet she's new" kiara said. "I'm shawn" he said.

About 5 minutes later another boy came. He was tall. But not as tall as shawn. His brown eyes could kill. And his smile was to die for. "Hi I'm cameron" he said to me "I'm violet" I said "I know I have you for 2nd period" he said and smile "oh" I said quietly and looked down in embarrassment.


After we ate, kiara dropped me back home. When I got there a vehicle was parked right outside my house. The car didn't seem familiar. I walked in the house and I heard laughing and talking. "Hey violet come meet our across the street neighbors" my mom said. The woman turned around and so did the boy sitting down next to her. I was shocked. I let out a little gasp and and o shape formed my mouth.

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