The bad boy

Moving was a tragedy for violet. She had to leave all her friends behind and she had to start all over. What happens when Matt Espinosa, the bad boy gains feeling for violet? Will everything change?


2. chapter 2

I continue to day dream until I hear Ms. Garcia say "science project", "3 weeks", "parter", "next to you". My eyes grew wide and Matt just looked at me with an annoyed face. Oh no. This is the part in every fanfiction when they realize they have had feelings for each other since the begginning.

"You do all the work" Matt said. With that the bell rang and he left the room.


I had Matt for 1st , 2nd , 5th, and 7th period. We sat together for 1st, 2nd, and 7th period. In 5th period we got to pick our own seat. I sat in the left corner of the class. Behind every other kid. Matt sat three seat to the right of me.

After school I saw Matt making out with a blonde girl who I had for 3rd period. "That's Miranda, she's the school slut" a voice said behind me. "I'm kiara and this is Toni" she said. Toni looked at me and gave me a faint smile "I'm violet" I said and added a small wave. "Do you have a ride?" Toni asked "no, I'm actually waiting for the bus" I said. "Come hangout with us" kiara said. "Okay" I replied and followed them to their car.

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