The bad boy

Moving was a tragedy for violet. She had to leave all her friends behind and she had to start all over. What happens when Matt Espinosa, the bad boy gains feeling for violet? Will everything change?


1. chapter 1

*violets POV*

Walking down the hallway of a new school is dreadful. You don't know anyone nor anything. And it's always hard for you to make new friends and make your way to classrooms. There's people here and there, teachers yelling "get to class" and kids pushing and shoving each other.

I made my way to my locker and grabbed all the things I needed for science. Science right? Yup there's where I will find my science parter and we will fall in love. Wrong. My science parter is a douchbag. Wait how do you know? Because my first day here was yesterday. But as soon as I met and got to "know" him, I knew that I wasn't ready to face him and all his rude remarks.


I walked in science five minutes late. Everyone stared at me as if I committed a crime. "Sorry I'm late, I couldn't find my way" I said to ms. Garcia. "It's okay, have a seat violet" she said pointing to my seat.

I sat down and looked over at him. He had one hand on the table and the other one on his on his lap. He looked bored out of his mind and confused. "What are you staring at?" He said not turning to look at me. "N-Nothing" I strutted. I look back at the board not paying attention to what Ms. Garcia had just said.

What I was really paying attention was how somebody so beautiful could be filled with such hatred.

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