True Love

Justin Bieber is a famous pop star. The one almost every girl dreams about. Noticed how I said "Almost"? Yeah.
Carter thinks otherwise. She doesn't like him. In fact, she hates him.
But will she have a change of heart when she sees what the world is doing to him? Or will she ignore it and let him fall?
Ladies and Gentlemen, This story you are about to read is called,
"True Love."


5. Will I ever be happy again?



Why is life so messed up? Why do people hurt others only to get hurt themselves? I don't get it. I am so tired of it. I wish it would just all end.. The pain, the struggle.. Life.. 

I kept repeating in my head. I was sitting on my window bench, looking out. Watching people laughing and kissing and having fun. I know. You are probably wondering why I am watching them when it just makes me feel even worse. I'll tell you. It gives me hope. Hope that someday, it'll be me downthere, laughing with the man I love while our kids are playing.. 


"Carter!" Molly yelled after me. I didn't even try to move. I just kept sitting there, staring. Someone opened my door and sat next to me. 

"Sis, you can't keep doing this to yourself. It's only hurting you. Come down and eat. You haven't eaten in weeks and I am starting to get worried." He said and I could hear the pain in his voice, but I didn't want to listen. 

"I know I am hurting myself. But the guy I like, only wanted me because he wanted his career to be better. He used me, Stephan. Used me. Don't you get it? The minute I told him that I liked him, he made out his little devious plan. I'm not coming out. Never. I wanna sit here and die." I said and turned even more, making his face out of my view. 

"He's not coming back because you are acting like this, and you know that. Just please think about what you are doing. Not only to yourself but also to others.. You are not the only one in pain.." He stated and then he left my room. 

I just sat there and soon after, I was fast asleep. 






"No! This was your plan, Scooter. Not mine! You made her hate me, again!" I said and paced back and forth in the studio room. 

"Oh, get over her already. Your life is falling apart and you wanna throw the rest away for some girl? Get your act together, Bieber. Now, sing." He demanded. I am gonna show who's the boss here. I got out of the booth and went to him 

"Now you listen here, you fat and old man. That girl, has a name. Her name is Carter and even though I met her two days ago, she means the world to me. She is my one less lonely girl and I swear, if you ruined the only chance I have with ehr, I will personally hunt you down and strangle you with my hands. Do you understand?" I spat in his face as I took my bag and left. 



I called Ryan and asked him to pick me up and drive me to Carter's. At first he wasn't sure but then I told him I would make it up, and then he agreed. 


I knocked on Carter's door and a man opened it. He pulled me in and pressed me against the wall. (Not like that, you dirty minded people C; ) 

"You listen here, you worthless piece of crap. If you so much as lay a hand on my sister, I will kill you. You broke her heart and she may forgive you but I sure as hell won't. Now, you better go upstairs and apologize to her, the best you can. Or you will meet my dear friend, fist. Got it?" He said to me with eyes that could kill. I just nodded and swallowed as he let me go. I walked up the stairs and knocked on Carter's bedroom door. 

"Carter? Please let me in.." I begged. I could feel tears forming in my eyes as I heard her sniffles. The door opened, only to reveal a broken girl..

"Carter.." I said and was about to hug her, when she slapped me. 

"How dare you? How fucking dare you?! Coming into my house after basically telling me that you only liked me so you could use me? Fuck no! Piss off, get lost. Get hit by a fucking bus, for all I care. I hate you, Justin Bieber. With every single bit of my heart. And if you ever, ever step a foot into my house or even near me,  I will call the cops. Now get out before I pound your face in." Her face was stained with tears and I just broke down. I started crying and shaking my head. 

"Carter, I am sorry. I never wanted that. I love you. I really do. It was Scooter's idea. I never wanted to use you, I swear." I said and walked closer to her, only making her move back. 

"But you didn't say anything. You just sat there, doing nothing. Just leave, Justin.. Do yourself that favour and go. Just go and don't look back.." She said, her face filled with sadness and hurt. 

What have I done?..

I nodded to her, turned around and was about to leave. I put my head down and mumbled loud enough for her to hear. "If you ever need me.. I'll be right here.. Because I love you.. From every little bit of my heart.." And then I left.. Without looking back. 



Molly came in, not long after Justin left. She sat next to me and hugged me. She just hugged me. Then I asked her a question I hopes she could answer. 


"Will I ever be happy again?"



That is it! I hope you enjoy this, even though there are some errors. I don't re-look it all the time. Please comment and like and favorite if you enjoy. I will try and upload as much as I can but since I have school and all, it's really hard. Love you all. Baii <3 <3 <3 <3 

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