True Love

Justin Bieber is a famous pop star. The one almost every girl dreams about. Noticed how I said "Almost"? Yeah.
Carter thinks otherwise. She doesn't like him. In fact, she hates him.
But will she have a change of heart when she sees what the world is doing to him? Or will she ignore it and let him fall?
Ladies and Gentlemen, This story you are about to read is called,
"True Love."


2. Second thoughts




Weeeeeekeeeeend!! Finally weekend. I've been waiting on this since Saturday. 

I woke up with a smile on my face. I got out of bed and headed to my bathroom but stopped before I entered. 

"Bacon? " I sniffed a bit more and decided to go downstairs instead. I walked towards the kitchen and as I turned around the corner, my smile faded. Justin Beaver was standing in my kitchen making breakfast on my stove without a shirt. To be honest, I get why Molly drools over him. 

"When you are done checking me out, do you wanna eat breakfast with me?" He asked and I looked at him. 

"No thank you. I'd like to live tomorrow." I said and turned around before getting stopped by his voice. 

"Why do you hate me so much?" He asked. I chuckled, which I noticed that I do alot and turned around to meet with his eyes. 

"Why I hate you? Well, lets see. You pee in a bucket, you spit at your fans and you had sex with a girl that was 3 years younger then you. So you figure it out, Mr. I Can Do Whatever The Hell I Want. It's actually funny because I used to like you but then you started going down hill after your break uo with Selena. I mean, seriously? Did it ever hit you that she just doesn't care? That the only reason she actually wanted to be with you was for fame and money? No. Because you are too blind to see the bad thing about people. Wake up, Justin! This is not fucking kindergarden anymore. You don't own the purple LEGO block anymore." I said and stormed off, leaving him speechless. 




Her words hit like a freaking train. But she was right. I am just a selfish, stupid coward who only thinks about himself. I shold've known that things were gonna be this way. 

Knocking on her bedroom door, I heard sniffles. 

"Carter? Can we please talk? I wanna talk to you. Please" I begged and as she opened the door, she threw her arms around me, sobbing into my chest. 

"I-I'm so sorry, Justin. For being such abitch too you and for treating you so bad." 

I pulled away, grabbing her face and looking into her eyes, wiping her tears away with my thumb. 

"Hey hey. You aren't a bitch and you were right. But why are you crying?" She looked down and mumbled something. Luckily, I could hear it. 

"My best friend found out you were here and told me to go to hell and that she hated me.." I hugged her again and she invited me into her bedroom. 

We sat down on her bed and she looked at me.

"Why do you wanna end your career, Justin?" I took a deep breath and tried to find a solid anser, meaning a solid lie. 

"And there's no point in lying to me because I know when you are lying." She added. I chuckled and looked down at my hands. 

"Because I feel like the whole world is closing in on me. That my life is slowing falling apart. I lost Avalanna and now I lost Selena. My Beliebers are giving up on me and I don't know what to do anymore. I am honestly so lost. Everyone is up in my ass about new music but the truth is.. I don't have any new music. I didn't try to write a new song. It's all falling apart, Carter. And I am slowly losing my mind." 




As he said that, I knew that he was not okay. He began crying like me. We were cry buddies. I hugged him and we sat there, just crying. I can't imagine how it feels like to be him. How it feels to be put through all this.. It's awful. And I want it to stop.


"Yes?" I looked at him, took his hand and kissed it. 

"I'm here for you whenever you need it." He looked back at me and smiled. 

"But?" He asked. He must have seen the look on my face. 

"But, we need to keep this down low. If anyone finds out that I am starting to like you as a friend, they will kill me with happiness and I don't want that." He chuckled and nodded. 

"Of course. Continue hating on me, Carter." I laughed and he left. 

My phone rang and I looked at the caller ID. Molly.. 


:M-Molly  C-Carter:

M; Hey Carter. Look, I am sorry for freaking out. I didn't mean to. It's just not everyday you rbest friends gets the chance to have Justin Bieber living at their house. 

C; It's okay, Molly. Actually, can you come over? He's still here and I am sure he would want to meet you. 

Bad choice Carter. Huge mistake. 

M; Oh. My. God! Are you serious?! I would love too! I'm on my way now! Arrrrrrgh! 

Her screams were probably heard all the way to L.A. If I am not mistaken. I'm pretty sure she just made me def. 

C; Okay. See you then, chubby. 

M; See you then, bunny. 

-End of phonecall- 

I laughed to myself and walked to the room Justin was staying at. 

I knocked on the door and heard a faint "Come in." 

I walked in and saw Justin at his computer. 

"Hey, um. My friend Molly is coming over and she is a huge Belieber.. So would you please meet her and make her dreams come true?" I heard him chuckle and I walked to him. 

"Did you even listen to what I-" I looked at the screen and saw he was doing a LiveStream. 

"Justin! Why didn't you tell me? I have like sex hair and I look awful. You stupid jerk!" I yelled at him and hit his chest. 

"Sorry Carter. It was to tempting." He laughed and read some of the comments. 

"Are you two together? Omg finally, Justin's happy." 

I went to the computer again after fixing my hair so it was just about decent to look at. I shook my head, signaling a 'No'. 

People were starting to freak out. Justin read another one. 

"If Justin asked you to marry him, what would you say? And can you please come to his last concert? I really wanna meet you." 

I spoke up and I could almost imagine Justin's face. 

"Well, dear Belieber. Since me and Justin are not an item, I would say no. But if we were and had been going out for a while, I would most likely say yes. That is if he stops being a fucking asshole and a huge jerk. And I am actually going to the concert with my best friend, Molly. Just look for a girl with probably the biggest poster and you have found us. Gotta go, Bye." I said and smirked before I left. After closing the door, I went downstairs to be greeted by Molly. 

"Hey, how did you get in?" A man, I think Justin's security guard came and stood beside her. 

"This man let me in after I said I was Molly." I laughed. 

"Thanks. Come. There is someone you need to meet." 

She squealed and followed after me.

"Carter? Who's this? Is this your friend?" Justin asked, coming out from his room, going down the stairs. Well, my guest room since it's my house. 

I nodded and pushed her a bit forward. She just stood there, frozen. Like she had just seen a ghost or something. 

"Y-you're J-Justin B-Bieber. Omfg. I love you so much. Marry me!" She said and threw herself over him. He was taken by surprise and fell to the floor with Molly on top of him. They both laughed and Molly got off, allowing Justin to get up. 

"So, this is Molly. Nice to meet you." Justin said. She blushed and hid herself behind me. I turned around and looked at her. 

"Don't go sll shy now, Molly." She made a 'shh' sound and  pointed to behind Justin. 

"Oh, yeah. Carter, Molly. This is my friend Ryan. He came through the window about 3 minutes ago." Justin laughed and so did Ryan. 

"Molly, say Hi to Ryan." I teased her. She elbowed me in my side and hid her face even more. 

"She has a crush on him" I whispered to Justin. He nodded and told Ryan. Ryan chuckled and went to Molly, taking her hand. 

I swear, if she faints right now, I'm gonna laugh. 

"Hello Molly. I'm Ryan. Nice to meet you" She just giggled and held onto his hand, leading him outside. 

"You jerk! Why did you tell him? I whispered it to you for a reason, you ass" I said and punched his arm. He flinched and laughed at my actions. 

"You hit like a girl." I just looked at him.

"Well, hello Captain Obvious. I am a girl." I hit his head with a gentle pat on the side and went into my room.

"So you're just gonna leave me now? Make me all alone because Molly's flirting with my best friend?" 

"Last time I checked, I wasn't the one who told him she had a crush on him. And I am supposed to hate you, remember?" I chuckled and closed my door. But before closing it fully, I heard him mumble something. 

"Yeah.. I wish you didn't have to.." And then he went to his own room. 

What was that all about? 


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