True Love

Justin Bieber is a famous pop star. The one almost every girl dreams about. Noticed how I said "Almost"? Yeah.
Carter thinks otherwise. She doesn't like him. In fact, she hates him.
But will she have a change of heart when she sees what the world is doing to him? Or will she ignore it and let him fall?
Ladies and Gentlemen, This story you are about to read is called,
"True Love."


1. Safe house?




School. School. School. 

Why do we have to go to school? Why can't we just stay home, in our beds and watch movies? 

Oh yeah. Because then we will get a shitty job and end up on the streets. 

Well.. I could just skip.. Naw. My mo would find out and then I am a dead person. Oh well. School it is. Here I come. 

Oh wait! I forgot to tell you about myself. 

I'm Carter. 17 years old, live in New Jersey. Yeah, I'm a Jersey girl. As you already noticed, school isn't really my thing. I mean, I get good grades and all but I hate being there. Everyone is so stuck up and they only think about themselves. Except my crew. Yes, I said crew. 

My crew, also called the Rebels, are my best friends. We stick together all the time. No one can break us. It's me, Daniella, Daniel, Josh, Jacob, Lilly and Molly. 

If you wanna be friends with me, you gotta be friends with them too. 

It's like.. All or nothing. 

Okay. Enough kindness. I gotta go. Talk to you later. Adios! 


Carter* School-


Walking into school, I could feel that something was off. Every girl I met on my way to the locker was crying. Did someone die? As I was in my own thoughts, opening my locker, my best friend Molly came running to me, tears streaming down her face. 

"Molly, babe, what's wrong?" I asked as I hugged her, letting her know I was here. 

"It's awful! H-he says he's going to quit his career!" As she said that, people started crying even more. 

"Who Molly?" She looked up at me and started sobbing like there was no tomorrow and the monkey were taking over her closet. 

"Justin! Who do you think?!" She screamed in my face and I just looked at her. 

"So you're basicaly telling me that everyone here is crying, because Justin Beaver wants to do something else with his life? Seriously?" I shook my head and went to grab my books. 

"It's Bieber, Carter! How many times do I have to tell you? He having one last concert and it's here in Jersey. I am begging my mom to buy me tickets. I really wanna go." She said and smiled a little bit. 

"Why? Because you have a huge crush on Ryan?" I teased her as we started walking to class.

"I do not!" She looked away but I knew she was blushing. 

"Molly, you've been drooling over that guy for years. You really think I am going to buy that, 'I am not!' Bullshit? Think again, slut" 



"See you after class, Cart." She chuckled and entered her own class. 

I had Math. Yuck. The only reason I hate Math, is because Tyler is also in that class. Tyler is my ex boyfriend. He started hating me after I refused to have sex with him in front of the whole football team. I mean, yeah. It was mean of me but come on. The guy literally slept with every girl in school. I am not gonna be one of them. 

"Carter, nice of you to join us." Mr. Donald said. 

"Thank you Mr. D. I'll just take that detention next week along with the other 5 you gave me." I said smiling as I sat down next to Daniel. 

"Hey, Cart?" Daniel whispered. I turned to look at him as he leaned closer. 

"Molly just texted me. She got the tickets. Her mom bought her 7, so we all can go. Aren't you excited?" He said and squealed a bit before paying attention to class. 

Oh boy. Why is this happening to me?


After class- 


 As the bell rang, I grabbed my bag and headed for the door, behind Daniel. I went straight to my locker and pressed my head against it. I started counting as I heard the screams down the hall. 




"I GOT TICKETS TO SEE JUSTIN FREAKING HOTASS BIEBER!!" Molly screamed in my face as I tried not to be blown down the hall and out to the parking lot. 

"That's.. Great." I said as I pretended to get water out of my ears. 

"Oh stop being so dramatic. I know you wanna go." She said, poking my cheek.

"And why do I wanna go, Molly?" I asked as I made my way to the cafeteria. 

"Because you deep deep DEEP down inside that rusty black ice cold heart, love Justin. You just need to dig it out."

I looked at her with a weird face. 

"Rusty black ice cold heart? Wow, Molly. I think that's the nicest thing you've said to me the entire time we have been friends. Except for the time when you called me a blodsucking, devious, bitchass cheater, after we played Call Of Duty." I said with a sarcastic smile. 

"Why do you alwasy have to suck the happiness out of yourself, Cart?" She asked as I payed for our food and headed to our table where the rest of the crew were sitting. (If you don't know the crew, go back up and read it again.)

"Because that's just what I do. I don't need Justin Bieber or Drake Bell in my life. It makes me wanna puke." I said and made a disgusted face. 

"Don't talk about Bell here, Carter. You know what happens when you do. Everyone hates him for what he does to Justin and for what he said to that poor girl. He's such an asshole." 

"He's not an asshole. He's just a pshycopath." I said and ate my sandwich.

"Yeah. A pshycopath without any career, is what he is." Daniella said as she sat down. I looked at her and her face was all red and bad looking. 

"Dani, you look like a tomato that has been fucked by a carrot. What's going on?"

"It's that stupid teacher again. He gave me a freaking B! Like seriously? My parents are going to kill me when I get home." She said and buried her face in her arms that were crossed over on the table. 

"Relax Dani. It's gonna be okay. I mean, I got a C and I'm still alive, right?" I said, trying to cheer her up. 

"Yeah. But you see, Carter. You are the only that can do whatever you wanna do. I can't. " She snapped at me. I chuckled and she began laughing and before we knew it, we were all laughing. 

"You are coming to the concert, right Carter?" Josh asked. I looked at him with a mad face and he stopped looking at me. 

"Yeah, are you?" Lilly then asked. 

"I don't know guys. I mean, you know I don't like him.." 

"But you haaaaaaave to! It won't be fun without you!" Molly kept pleading me. 

"Fine! But only because it's the last concert here." I said and they all hugged me. 


After school- (Sorry the time skipping) 


I entered my house after dropping everyone off. I am the only one with a car that can fit us all. 

I threw my bag on my bed and turned the TV on in my bathroom. Yes, I have a TV in my bathroom. I stripped down after filling the tub and got in. I took a deep breath and relaxed while gently blowing at the bubbles. 


"Teen pop star Jstin Bieber, was seen exiting a club with his best mate, Ryan Butler and an unkown man. What they were doing in the club, is quite surprising. Bieber was seen taking a girl about 3 years younger then him, into the bathroom and a source tells us that he heard weird noises. We all know that Mr. Bieber is going down a bad path after his recent girlfriend, Selena Gomez, got engaged to an unknown male But why he is acting this way, no one knows. For more details about the story, please visit or website. This is Julia Sancez, TMZ. Thank you all for watching."

I couldn't believe it. Justin Bieber was actually going to end his career? For what? A shitty one night stand? Molly is probably devestated. As the dorbell rang,  I got out of the tub, quickly dried off and got dressed. I ran downstairs, almost slipping because my feet were still a bit wet and opened the door. 

In front of me, in his own flesh and blood, was the very own Justin Bieber. 

"Hello. Can I help?" I asked as I closed the door a litte bit since I was only in a sports bra and and small shorts that showed half my ass. 

"Yeah. Carter Raines, right?" He asked as he looked back to the limo that was parked next to my car. 

"Yes... Again, Can I help you with anything?" 

"Actually, you can. I need a safe house."

"A safe house? What do you mean?" I asked, looking at the limo too. 

"A safe house, meaning, a place where I can stay until the concert here is over."

I just looked at him like he was crazy. 

"How did you find me? How do you know my name? And why me?" I kept asking him wuestions as hi sbody guard and Scooter came up to the door. 

"Miss. Raines, I am Scooter Braun. It's nice too meet you finally." 

"Finally? What the hell are you talking about?" 

"Your father speaks highly of you." He said, smiling. 

I froze. My father? He knows my father?

"My dad? You know my dad?" I asked, opening the door a bit more.

"I do. He is a very good friend of mine. He told us that you ouldn't mind us staying here for a bit." 

I chuckled. 

"Of course he told you that. He hasn't talked to me i 4 years. He doesn't know what I mind and don't mind. But sure. You can crash here till you find your own real safe house. 14 days max. Nothing more. And if you break or steal any of my stuff, you're dead. That's not a threat, sir. That's a promise. There are four guest bedroom, two guest bathrooms, if you are interested. Enjoy. I'll be in the kitchen if y'all need me." I smile as nice as I could and walked away before pounding they're faces in. 


Molly is going to kill me. 


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