Love Before Blade

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  • Published: 28 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 19 Oct 2014
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Assassin Raydean Besia has been employed for a long time. And she's killed many. She's at the top of the Kings wanted list. But things can change when you realize a terrible truth. That you've been lied to. That you may be falling in love for the one who helped you see that, even if you did try to kill him.


5. Chapter 5

     I stood there angry and confused. My heart hurt. But it shouldn't hurt. All I can think is 'How dare he?' and 'What just happened?' I stared out the door. He's already left, so I pick up my bag and walk out the door.

     Will didn't go far. I didn't think he would. I catch up to him easily and we walk in silence. I follow him. I have no clue where he wants to go, and I don't bother asking. I just glare at the ground and bite my tongue.

     I pass the time by clenching and unclenching my fist. Why must my life be so bewildering? Will leads the way through the city. Through the dark alleys and snow filled streets. I'm still not sure where we're going. Did he arrange a place to hide?

     After a long while of walking, Will stops in front of a small, crowded coffee shop. The walls are made of mud-splattered stone. I grit my teeth and hiss, "We're probably being hunted and you brought us to a coffee shop!?"

     Will smiled sheepishly and opens the worn wooden door. "After you" He said.

     I stomp into the shop. The inside is just as dirty as the outside. The walls are still stone, and the floor is damp. The tables are small and dingy. Will walks in front of me, headed for an empty table in the back.

     I glare at my feet and follow him. We sit down and I cross my arms over my chest. From my view point, I can see the door, but anyone who walks in won't see me immediately.

     I look up to find Will watching me, his brown eyes twinkling. "You look mad" He comments.

     "I wonder why" I said with ornery. A waitress comes and Will orders two coffees.

     "I wonder why too" Will said after the waitress left. "I didn't do anything wrong did I?"

     I don't answer, I just glare more. I move to change the subject. "Why are we here? We should be leaving town!"

     "Is it wrong for me to want to treat a girl to coffee?" Will said in a teasing manner.

     "Yes!" I lower my voice. "Don't think about me like that. I may be a girl but I can still take you down if I wanted."

     "But you won't. Because you still owe me, for trying to take my life."

     "I should have tried harder" I grumbled. Will smiles widely and the waitress delivers our coffee. I sip mine slowly, careful not to burn myself.

     "Where do you plan for us to hide?" Will asks casually.

     I look around to make sure nobodies listening. "The woods probably, I know how to set snares and such."

     "The woods!? Why can't we hide in a perfectly comfortable town?" Will protests. He's probably never been in the woods. He's probably lived in the city all his life.

     "Because," I said leaning over the table. "We need to be safe, and we'll be too easy to find in a town or city. I'm wanted dead or alive, and you have someone who wants you dead! Of course we can't-" I'm about to go on but Will presses his lips against mine, for the second time that day.

     My heart stops as quick as my words. I push him away quickly, my hands quivering. "Stop doing that!" I said in  an unsteady voice. "You don't know me!"

     "But I want to." Will said. My head spins and I grip the edge of the table.

     "Then here, I'm an assassin. I killed people. And if you get to know me, one of us will just end up getting hurt." I take a deep breath.

     Wills next words surprise me. "So your afraid of getting hurt, of loving someone."

     "They killed everyone I love " I said. "And they'll kill you if that happens."

      Will is quiet and I look towards the door. We sit in silence. I watch the people come in and out. Oh, how I wish I never got that stupid list.

     A burly man walks in. He wears the red cloth of the guard. He looks around the shop, and his eyes rest on me. It immediately dawns on me that the Darier must have told the royal guard who I am. And where we are.

     I swear colorfully and get up. "Come on Will, we have to go now"

     Will looks startled but he obeys. I spot a window on the east end of the shop. I zigzag through the tables and people. The guard slowly follows, his size a disadvantage. When I reach the window I turn to Will, "Make sure you follow me quickly."

     I back up a few steps and starts to run, I jump and curl into a ball. My shoulder connects with the glass and the world slows down. The glass falls like rain and I fly through the window, barely brushing the pane. I flip around in mid air and land on my feet, outside the shop.

     I am aware of the blood trickling down my face, from a cut along my forehead. Will climbs out more slowly, and ends up falling on the snow. "Your insane!" He pants.

     "No, I'm just keeping us alive." I grab his arm and tug him along the alley way. I hear shouting behind us, no doubt more guards. We run through the streets, its not long before they start shooting arrows at us. I turn down another street, "Come on" I quickly scan the nearest shop wall, "Start climbing" I take a running start at the wall and heave myself up, using the drain pipe. Will struggles below me, but we manage to get up before the guards shoot more arrows.

     I step carefully on the snow-slick roof. It doesn't take Will long to realize that we have to jump. So we do. We fly from roof to roof like birds. I go to jump again, but I hear a cry. I turn just to see Will fall. I swear again and peer over the side, my heart thumping. Will gets up off the ground, covered in snow. He fell in a snow bank.

     I jump down after him. I look around the alley to see that its a dead end, and the first guard just arrive. I push Will behind me and let my blades slip into my hands. I attack the guard and he quickly falls down, staining the snow red. I peer out into the street and stifle a gasp. The king must have sent all his soldiers.

     A swarm of red cloaks heads my way and I duck back into the alley to avoid arrows. Will is watching me wide eyed. "I'm sorry" He whispers.

     "I may be afraid to love, but I'm glad I met you." I said huskily.

     The guards burst into the alley.

     I swing my blades and my head spins in the heat of the fight. I don't see faces, just enemies.

     The first arrow connects with my left shoulder. I cry out in pain and come back to the real world. Will is laying on the ground behind a snow bank, unhurt. Many guards lay around me, dead. I drop my left blade and another arrow connects to my right thigh. I fall to the ground. Guards surround me and I cut a few down. Then they shoot my right arm. My blade falls and the nearest soldier picks me up and slams me into the stone wall. I cry out in pain.

     "Raydean!" I hear Will shout. The soldier throws me against the wall again, and my head connects with a crack, sending the world into darkness.  

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