Love Before Blade

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  • Published: 28 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 19 Oct 2014
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Assassin Raydean Besia has been employed for a long time. And she's killed many. She's at the top of the Kings wanted list. But things can change when you realize a terrible truth. That you've been lied to. That you may be falling in love for the one who helped you see that, even if you did try to kill him.


4. Chapter 4

     My sleep was pitiful. Full of darkness and fear. I would wake up at any little noise. When it was finally morning, I rushed out of bed and stuffed all of my important things into the leather bag. I left out my black cloak and deep blue, almost black dress. I changed at a lightning pace and attached my blades to my arms and right thigh.

     I swung my bag over my shoulder and threw open the door. I took the steps two at a time again, like the day before. Only this time there is no drunk. And I know I'm not coming back.

     I'm just outside the De Tali Inn when it occurs to me that I could just kill Will, be over with this mess. I shake my head. No. I can't do that. I can't kill people who have done no wrong. I can't kill people like the Kings Guards killed my parents. But what if you don't want to kill him because of something else? A small voice in my head nags. I bite my lip. No. No. No. Its stupid, he's a stranger. Why would I even think that?

     Its unknown to me why he would want to run away with me. Why take me with him? It's a small kingdom, it would be easier to hide on your own, and with out an assassin.

     Our kingdom is called Argyn. Strong and noble. Or so the banner says. We are ruled by the King, who is power-greedy. He controls the merciless guards, who hunt the people down who don't have enough to pay the King. And rebels. They kill them too. That's probably a reason why they want me so much.

     Bordering our kingdom is an ocean and mountains. The ocean holds many mermaids and mermen. Whom we have a long standing treaty with. In the mountains are the trolls. They ignore us. Occasionally a group of traveling trolls will bring a shipment of weapons, for the rich Nobles and Knights, and of course the King. No weapons are better than troll-made weapons.

     I turned onto the west side street. The sun weakly shines from behind a blanket of clouds. I stroll over to Wills house. He must be up, there is smoke coming from the chimney. I stand in front of the door and knock loudly. Just seconds later it swings open and Will ushers me inside.

     "Did you send the note?" He asks frantically.

     I nod. "Last night."

     He let out a long breath and said, "I wasn't sure you were going to show."

     "I don't blame you"

     Will scanned my hands. "Where are your blades?" He asked "I don't fancy getting stabbed in the back."

     "Attached to my arms, and leg" I said. I stand motionless against the wall. "Why do you believe me? Why believe that he's going to send someone else after you?"

     Will heaves a big bag onto the table and put things in. "You don't seem to be one to lie" He said carefully.

     "There is such a thing as acting" I said slowly.

     "If you were lying, you wouldn't be here now, and you wouldn't have brought this up." Will said. "Besides, you seemed pretty frantic last night,"

     I scowl and move to stand beside him. "There's only a small chance we'll get out of town," I said. "We might not even get out of this house."

     Will laughed, and I glared at the wooden floor. "Your over exaggerating, we'll be fine." He does up the buttons on his bag.

     "You might not be" I said, as I tilted my head. "I'm a total stranger, remember."

     Will stares at me for a minuet. I meet his eyes,  defiantly holding his gaze. He leans forward and presses his lips against mine. Quickly. For only a second.

     "We're a little more than strangers now" He said before he disappears out the door.

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