Love Before Blade

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  • Published: 28 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 19 Oct 2014
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Assassin Raydean Besia has been employed for a long time. And she's killed many. She's at the top of the Kings wanted list. But things can change when you realize a terrible truth. That you've been lied to. That you may be falling in love for the one who helped you see that, even if you did try to kill him.


3. Chapter 3

     I wake up early, intending to get to the west side by seven thirty am. I put my hair into a bun, to keep it out of the way. I slip the dress on and do up the cloak, putting the hood up. It doesn't hide my face very well. The only way you can't see my face is if your behind me. But I have to wear the grey one, it would be to abnormal for a lady to wear a black cloak, unless there was a funeral. Just before I leave I put on my blades, hiding them under the dress.

     I take the stairs two at a time, almost running into a big, drunk man. I step around him and he carries on, stumbling upwards. The foyer is full of people coming into the bar for an early drink. I easily slip between them, though a few heads turn, wondering what a young girl like me is doing in a place like this.

     When I step outside, I notice the fresh layer of snow. I am suddenly glad I chose to wear my boots. I follow a snowy, worn down path to the road. There are only a few horse drawn wagons on the road, this early in the morning. I walk to the side, passing many shops and family businesses. I mildly wonder if they had found last nights victim yet.

    I walk through the twisting streets. It only takes about twenty minuets to get to the west side of town. Soon I find myself standing admits rows of houses, many with smoke slowly drizzling out of the stone chimneys. A group of boys plays on the road, throwing snow balls at each other. I walk down the rows, searching for Will Herworthys home. I find it beside a two story house.

     Will Herworthys house is small, to say the least. It is made of stone and has a peaking roof. The door is wooden and the yard neat. Just like the list described it.

     The door opens and I immediately look away, pretending to be interested in the house across the street. "Good morning" Will Herworthy said brightly as he walked past me.

     "Good morning" I reply back without looking at him. I continue walking down the street, mentally shaking myself. He's an apprentice! Of course he leaves in the morning! I'll have to come back at night.

     A little put-out, I walk back to the De Tali, where I spend the rest of my day.


     The wind howls in my ears and I pull the grey cloak closer to my body. I walk back down the west side street, in the direction of Will Herworthys house. The sky is dark and it's hard to see in front of myself. The wind blows my dress against my legs and makes the metal of the blades feel like ice.

     I stop about three houses away from Will Herworthys. I  scoop some snow up in my numb hands and smash it all over my face and chest. I shiver and spread snow on my side. I shake a little to get the excess stuff off.

     I run down the street and to Will Herworthys door. It is some what sheltered from the wind here, I knock on the door loudly. I wrap my arms around myself as the door opens. When he opens the door I shiver. "H-Hello, I was w-wondering if I c-could q-quickly c-come in and w-warm up if it wasn't a-any t-trouble." I said.

     Will Herworthys eyes widened and he stepped aside, "Of course"

     I smiled weakly and walked in

. He closed the door and hurried to pull out a chair from the table that sat in the middle of the room. "Have a seat" He said. I sat down and he poured tea into two cups. When he slid one across the table to me he asked, "What were you doing in this weather?"

     I sipped the tea, instantly feeling warm.  I looked at the table not meeting his eyes. "I just moved here, and I was looking around. I was just about to go back home when a group of boys attacked me with snow."

     Will Herworthy shook his head and said, "I know that group, trouble makers if there ever were any. Now let me introduce myself, Will Herworthy" He extended his hand.

     Realizing I could not avoid looking at him any longer, I looked up and said, "Raydean Besia." This was the first time I had got a good look at him. Will had sandy blonde hair and deep brown eyes that filled me with warmth. His face was kind. We shook hands and I smiled, still looking into his eyes.

     "Are you the girl who was near here this morning?" He asked, snapping me to attention. I gripped my cup tight. I have to remember why I'm here.

     "Yes." I said. "I did lots of looking around today."

     "Getting to know the town is always a good thing" He said. I nod.

     I quickly drain my cup of tea and stand up. "Can you show me where to put this?" I ask.

     Will also stands up. "I can put it away," He reasons.

     I shake my head, "No, I insist, I can do it" Will looks at me in confusion but doesn't argue. He leads me into a little room with a wash basin and a ledge .

     His back is turned to me as he sets his cup down on the ledge. "Here is fine."

     But instead of setting my cup down I unhitch my blade from my forearm. I'm just about to finish the job when he turns around. His eyes widen and he looks from me to the blade. He quickly grabs the cup again and throws it at me. I move just in time and the cup shatters against the wall. I move to stab him but he dodges me. He grabs my wrist and I try to shake him loose. Will pushes me out of the small room and back into the one with the table. I wrench my hand free, so he only holds the one with the blade. Just my luck.

     I go to push him away but he back hands me cross the face. I swear colorfully and knee him in the groin. Will doubles over and lets go of my wrist. I push him against the wall. I hold the tip of the bade to his throat, my arm shaking. "What did you do" I demand. Wills eyes are cold now.

     "What?" He asks, glaring. "What did I do? Your the one who's trying to kill me!"

     "Your on the list!" I argue. "Why would you be on the list!"

     "List..." He says quietly. Then his eyes widen again, in realization. "You kill people for a living?"

     "What's it to you?" I growl, my patience thinning. "Why are you on that damn list!"

     "I don't know!" Will said.

     "Your lying!" I said dangerously.

     "I'm a blacksmiths apprentice!" Will rushes, "I don't have time to get in trouble with anyone..."

     The blade drops from my hand and clatters onto the floor, making Will jump. I step back my eyes wide. "But-but," I whisper. Will takes this moment and pulls me backwards. I make no move to stop him. He shoves me against the wall, and presses his arm against my throat. My head thrums and I don't fight back. I look into his eyes and ask, "Do you know Darier?"

     "No" Will said carefully.

     "He said it would only be the guilty... Y-your not..." I continue as best as I could, his arm still pressed tight against my throat. I realize that I've been lied too. That I've been doing wrong. "You have to get out of here!" I quickly said, "He's going to send some one else after you."

     Will loosens his arm over my throat. "What about you?" He asked.

     I laugh unsteadily. "Me? I'm as good as dead. I won't kill you so he's going to send some one after me too. Only I have no place to go."

     "Your just going to let them kill you?" Will asked. He looks utterly confused.

     I nod. "I'm a shadow, we all fade. Your not you can escape."

     "No" He said slowly. "You can go to. I'll forgive you for trying to kill me. We can both escape"

     "I can't" I argue again. "I-"

     But Will cuts me off. "Send this Darier a message telling him you're not going to kill me, then come back tomorrow and we can leave."

     I try to disagree but he cuts me off again. "You owe me this after you tried to kill me, so just listen to me and come back tomorrow." I nod and he lets me go. I pick up my blade and run to the door, with one more look at the brown eyed man, I flee into the night.  




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