Love Before Blade

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  • Published: 28 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 19 Oct 2014
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Assassin Raydean Besia has been employed for a long time. And she's killed many. She's at the top of the Kings wanted list. But things can change when you realize a terrible truth. That you've been lied to. That you may be falling in love for the one who helped you see that, even if you did try to kill him.


2. Chapter 2

     The De Tali Inn was a crowded place. It constantly smelled of dirt and whiskey, and was full of dangerous people. But to me it was home.

     The De Tali Inn didn't require names for you to book a room. Just money. When you first walk in you enter a small dingy room called the foyer, with a tall sigh-in desk. The man who worked the counter was small and old, with a short white beard. To the left was a bar, it was filled with small circular tables. Which were almost always being used. The bar was always full of men, and the occasional lady. It was always loud, with talking and smashing bottles.

     If you turned right in the foyer, there were a bunch of stairs, leading up to the rooms. The stair cases and hallways were lit by lamps. A faded red carpet covered all the floors. If you carried on to the third floor, two doors down and to the left. You would find my room.

     My room was a fair size, a straw bed sat in the far right corner, with a window above it. Across from the bed, on the other side of the wall, there is a small closet in the left, to serve as a bathroom. I had a small ice box, to keep a small ration of bread, and a black leather shoulder bag, that held most of my possessions. Beside the bed was a chest, for regular clothing.

     Even though it was an Inn, the owner, Jerry, lets you stay as long as you want. As long as you pay up. The thing that I like about Jerry is that he doesn't ask questions.

     My weapons are hidden under the straw mattress. So is my cloak. Hidden under the seem of my leather bag, is the list. The list from the Darier. My employer.

     Every so often I get a message to meet in the bar, or some other place. And I get handed a list. Most often there are only one or two people on the list. This ones different. There are eight. I just got rid of six. I don't mind though. The pay is good.

     When I first got the job, after my family was killed by the Kings guards, I told the Darier that I would only kill the guilty. And only humans. I would rather starve than faced the anger of the mountain trolls.

     He told me I drive a hard bargain. But its really not that hard. He agreed anyway. I suppose that he thought that a sixteen year old girl wouldn't last long.

     That was two years ago. I'm eighteen now. And one of the most wanted people in the kingdom. I've killed too many to count. It was hard in the beginning. I wasn't very strong back then. But I learned. The weapons were supplied for me. Eventually I collected my own, from the house of a weapon-loving Noble.

     Though the pay is good, I don't buy a place of my own. Its to risky. Its much easier to live here, in the Da Tali Inn.

     I take off my damp leather boots, wet from the melted snow. I sit on the edge of the bed and heave my heavy leather bag onto my lap. I open it up and pull out my things. An old portrait of my family, my bag of coins and many other things. I carefully lay them on the bed and reach once again into the bag.

     This time I don't pull anything out. I feel around until my fingers meet the loose part of the seem. I carefully peel it up, revealing a single piece of paper. I take it out and scan it. Its my list. My almost completed list. Number seven is Will Herworthy. An apprentice who lives on the west side of town. Tomorrow will be an easy day I guess. He's only one year older than me, and an apprentice. He probably hasn't had very much weapons training.

     I slip the list back into my bag and re-pack my belongings. I hide my weapons and cloak under the mattress. Then I walk to the chest and search through my clothes. I need to wear something more girly, I won't wear my regular black cloak, but I'll wear the light grey winter one. I pull out a light green dress with long sleeves, then I pull out my night dress. I close the chest and lay tomorrows clothing on top of it.

      In a wash basin, I clean my blade, turning the water pink. I quickly dump the water out the window.  I change into my night dress, my eyes drooping and fall into bed.


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