The Year 3089

When you move, time is running slower.
If you move at 99.99999996% the speed of light for one day, one hundred years will have passed.
The speed of light is 670616629 miles per hour.
Imagine you’ve got a vehicle that can run at the speed of light.
It would probably be pretty dangerous to drive that fast on the earth.
What about a spaceship then?
You could travel for ten days and return to the earth.
One thousand years would have passed.
That is quite a lot.


3. The Landing - Part II

As we step into the room to a lot of the others, my mother comes from behind, panting.

    “Something is wrong,” she says.

    And the world goes weird.

    I close my eyes.

    We’re going to die.

    The others are talking, but I can’t hear what they’re saying.

    It is Alex’s voice that brings me back.


    I gasp for air, realising that I have held my breath until now.

    “It’s okay, we’re okay,” she says.

    “Crash,” I whisper.

    “Deep breaths, remember?”

    I look around. Were alone, so I do as she says.

    “We’re not going to crash, Violet, what’s going on is something quite … weird,” she says.


    “Weird,” I say stupidly.

    Alex laughs, and I smile, cause I haven’t ever heard Alex say “weird”. Hearing her say it is weird.

    “Alex!” It’s Luke. He’s … well I don’t know exactly what he is, but he is helping people with computers and stuff like that. “We need you in Room 3,” he says.

    Alex tells me to wait, and follows Luke.

    “It’s impossible,” she says to Luke, almost excited.

    “Yeah, I agree, it’s impossible,” I whisper mockingly, trying to keep myself from shouting at anyone, which, I realise, I don’t need to, cause there isn’t anyone to shout at. I’m alone. No one bothers to tell me what’s going on. Not even–

    Not even Alex.

    And I’m not going to wait for her to tell me anything. I get to my feet and follow her.

    My watch says that we’re landing in five minutes.


Room 3 is a room with a lot of screens. There are practically screens everywhere.  Even the floor is a big screen. I would like to know why that many screens are necessary. I mean, they can’t all be for something different. I want to count them, but I have more important things to do.

    As looking at them, for instance.

    Some show numbers. Most are just blank. Except the one everybody is looking at. I try to get a clear look at the screen, but all the people (who are, in fact, just my mother, my father, Alex, Luke and Mr Lewis) are blocking it. So I decide just to listen. I don’t bother hiding; no one has told me not to be here. I also think, that they are too upset about what’s going on on the screen to notice me.

    “It is simply not possible,” Mr Lewis says matter-of-factly.

    “The question is why,” my father says.

    “Well, look at the continents, it has to be,” says my mother.

    No one says anything for a while. I wonder if we really will land in – I look at my watch – three minutes. Everyone has got their equipment on. We should all be in Room 6 right now, waiting for the ship to land. Except for Mrs Wool who is flying the ship.

    Alex breaks the silence. “We’ll just have to deal with it. We’re here now. It is …” She pauses. “Quite unexpected, but it happened. And now we’re going to Room 6. All of us. Also you, Violet,” she says.

    My mother turns quickly, looking at me. She opens her mouth as if to say something. Then she frowns and closes it again.

    Alex leaves the room.

    Something odd happens.

    Everybody follows her without hesitation. Even Mr Lewis. I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

    Puzzled, I follow.


There’s a slight thump. We have landed. I should tell you that there aren’t any windows at this ship. That’s why I’m not looking out one. I’m ruddy thrilled. I close my eyes.

    Alex takes my hand.

    I don’t open my eyes. I simply follow Alex.


Time has passed. Probably just seconds.

    Alex hasn’t let go of my hand.

    My eyes are still closed.

    “Violet,” Alex says.

    My eyes are still closed.

    “Violet, we think that we have landed in the past.”

    And we’re leaving the ship.

    Alex holds my hand.

    My eyes are still closed.

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