The Year 3089

When you move, time is running slower.
If you move at 99.99999996% the speed of light for one day, one hundred years will have passed.
The speed of light is 670616629 miles per hour.
Imagine you’ve got a vehicle that can run at the speed of light.
It would probably be pretty dangerous to drive that fast on the earth.
What about a spaceship then?
You could travel for ten days and return to the earth.
One thousand years would have passed.
That is quite a lot.


1. Everything is Strange

It is kind of strange to just sit and wait. Well, the waiting isn’t the strangest of this, though I’ve always considered waiting to be quite a strange thing. I mean time isn’t moving normal. Sometimes five minutes really doesn’t feel like five minutes should – like five minutes. I think that if things feel like something, they should be those things. Take a book: if it feels scary, then it probably is scary. At least to you, and since it is you who think it is scary, it doesn’t matter what other people think. Again, if you touch the book and think it’s cold, it’s probably because you are warmer than the book. That makes the book, if not cold, cold compared to you. Of course, you could be extremely cold yourself and think the book, which is warmer than you, is cold because it doesn’t feel that warm to you, who are cold. So if you think that the time of five minutes feels more than five minutes, it is. This doesn’t make any sense, but I think you kind of get why I think waiting is strange.

    Now, I should really remember that waiting isn’t what I think is the strangest thing right now. The strangest thing is the knowing. The knowing that while I’m sitting here waiting, thinking this, years and years are passing on the earth. If I say “time” now, a person on the earth would have time to say “time” quite a lot of times, while I’m saying it only one time. They could say it, “time, time, time, time,” while I only would be able to say “tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimee”.

    “Time,” I say, and it is staggering.

    “Time?” I hear.

    “Time,” I agree.


    I continue my thinking of strange things. One more thing that I think is strange is, that we are moving so fast without feeling it. I know it, but if I didn’t know, I wouldn’t know. That makes perfectly sense. Too much, I think. What I mean is, that I wouldn’t be able to tell if we were moving if I didn’t know. It is really strange.

    I say it out loud. “Strange.”

    This time, nobody answers.

    “We are in orbit,” someone says.

    We are.

    “We are,” someone says. It isn’t me. At least I don’t think so. If I did, I don’t remember.

    “Well, in six hours we’re not.” That was me. I realize that if it was me before, I’m talking to myself out loud.

    I think I should tell you that we don’t act like this normally.

    But this isn’t normal. It’s strange.

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