Dark-Luke Hemmings edition

He broke promises, and hearts. Relationships, smiles and everything he couldve done, was dark.


7. Irresistable

Lukes POV:


"Yeah I'lll tell Niall I forgot something and you already went back' She glanced over to Niall, and letting go of my hand. I frowned at her hand leaving my touch. A few minutes later she came back to me.

"He ordered food to bring home so he will be occupied" Holly winked as we ran off to get a taxi. I flipped my shades on, and raised a hand. After a long time, one finally came.

"Nearest Hotel" I said, getting into the car after opening the door for Holly. It was damp outside.

-10 minutes later-

I texted Holly as we sat next to eachother.



I dont have any cash so lets run off



I have money



Too bad its fun to be a badass. Dont worry I have been sneaking forever.



dont get me murdered I actually dont want to wake up with amnesia.


"Holly you go off to the room while I search my pockets."I smiled and she was turned like a red tomato. Darting as fast as she could, she went inside.

"I left the money here thanks" I added, shutting the door before the man got pissed. I went inside.

"Wait until he leaves and we wiill walk to the hotel around the corner so he can't track us"I whispered into her ear. She smirked, trying to hide her fear of getting caught.

-- at the next hotel--

We got a suite in the basement with my credit card. The lobby was a marble floor. As we approached the elevator, someone was behind us, and annoying.

"Nice lip ring sexy" An emo girl with red hair played with   my hair.

"Get off your high" I pulled Holly to the stairs.

"K then" She laughed. I bit my lip, her laugh made me flutter. I can't admit having these feelings.

We finally got to the top, and got to our room. With the door opened wide, we saw the huge bed and a  mini hottub on a platform. She pushed me iinto the room and shut the door. I grabbed the phone and called for vodka. I pulled my fake ID out and the room service lady fell for it.Idiots.

I gave some to Holly and she eyed it down. "I cant Luke."


He shrugged. "That support group eh?"

"Yeah i cant do this"

"Cmon one last time getting drunk with me?" He   pleaded with his puppy eyees. I rolled my eyes and took the bottle. He took it and finished it. We were drunk instantly.

I felt myself pounce onto his  lips, his lipring hitting my bottom lip. It was so hot. His tongue explored my mouth while we made out, and finally we got on the bed, and he took  me, and grinded on me. There was a lot of moaning involved. Then we both stripped and the rest of the night was a blur.

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