Dark-Luke Hemmings edition

He broke promises, and hearts. Relationships, smiles and everything he couldve done, was dark.


2. Invitations

As soon as we arrived at my home, Luke sighed, as Ashton made a face that said ' I win'. Luke got up and opened the door for me. Then he walked me up the stairs to my flat. Then at the door I turned to him.

"Why did you even do this?" I asked, awkwardly.

"I have no choice." He frowned.

"Well thank you, for not putting up a fight with your friend. That woudlve made an awkward situation." I said, giggling.

"I wouldnt mess with him, hes got a perfect life, he made the best choices. I dont want to ruin him." Luke shrugged, "Like I ruined myself." He looked down.

I put my hand on his shoulder.

"cheer up theres only two more weeks of this group crap." I giggled. For the first time, I saw a real, wide smile on his face.

"Yeah I guess youre right." He laughed and looked up at my face instead of the ground.

"Thanks again Luke." I smiled and opened my door as we waved and went seperate ways.

--Two hours later--

I heard loud beeping. I noticed it was my phone.  I went in my bag and instead of grabbing my phone, I noticed a little card. It was a manager card, I guessed that Ashton placed in my bag when I didnt notice. On the back, was a phone number, written in terrible handwriting, and a black pen. I dialed it into my phone.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Oh hi. You found the card didnt you?" I heard Ashton say on the other end.

"yeah haha" I laughed.

"its Lukes phone, Its a secret. :Look on the other card I gave you, it has my number." He giggled a strong, crazy laugh.

I went through my bag and found one with a number on it. "Ill add them to my phone then,"I laughed.

"holly, you did something today that i havent noticed for a long time. When Luke came back to the car after you went inside your flat, he had a small smile, and his eyes were lit up. He hasnt been a jerk and during rehearsals he worked really hard." I could feel ashton smile.

"I did?" I scrunched my nose and smiled.

"You did. Thank you." I felt good vibes.

"Ashton, all you have to do is make him laugh," I giggled. "Its unexpected, but it feels good.' I smiled, and he let out air through his nose, to show his smiling sense.

"Ill talk to you soon." he said and we both hung up.

I went into my shower, and took a long time. When I came out, I got changed into my pajamas.

I noticed under the door that there was a small blue piece of paper, so I grabbed it.

It had inside a small key, that I inspected, and found out it was to a hotel. There was an invitation for a party, and it was signed. I couldnt make out the first name but the second was 5sos and I knew it was Luke and Ashtons band, I looked at the time and it was tomorrow at 5. I jumped, and then went to bed with all the smiling I could.


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