Dark-Luke Hemmings edition

He broke promises, and hearts. Relationships, smiles and everything he couldve done, was dark.


6. Into The Lobby

The clock finally ticked 6, Michael and I were placing a bet on who  could race to the lobby fastest. We were complete goofs, running through hallways laughing at loud and chuckeling. It wasn't like I was meeting anyone proper or anyone over important. I quickly changed that when I saw who was sitting in the lobby sofas. My hair was sticking to my face, stopping urgently from running and beating Michael, my jaw dropped. Sitting in front of  me, the fool in sweatpants and a rose colered tank top, was One Direction. The One Direction.

I couldn't breath, I felt the air stopping in my lungs. I insecurely brushed my hair with my fingers, looking like a rat. I started a conversation.

"Im Holly"I smiled towards the boys I knew from more than just pictures,  but from concerts and interviews and social media and movies. I could name anything.

Harry smiled. My heart cracked and beated way faster than  it shouldv'e. "Im  Harry"

"Holly who'd you get?" Ashton asked, noticing I was embarrased.

"Ha..MICHAEL" I wanted to yell at  myself. I was the biggest fool.

Everyone went around the circle, and I honestly didn't listen. We got slips of  papers showing who we were going to spend the night with today. My vision was blurry as I read  mine. Niall. I  cried inside. I also got Luke.

We started off shopping, Luke kept looking at me with  his sexy blue eyes, sending me deeper into his spell. We basically ate until 10, Niall  being the only one who ate all 4 hours.  He was deeply in love with food. All of it.

Luke pulled me off to the side as I went to the bathroom,

"Why  dont you say we ditch this for an hour. Hang out on my  bed" He winked.

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