Dark-Luke Hemmings edition

He broke promises, and hearts. Relationships, smiles and everything he couldve done, was dark.


1. Interruption

He was a sneaky, blonde with piercings and tattoos. I heard he was in a band, but he would be kicked out soon because he kept leaking everything. He ignored everyone, and just went wherever he wanted to go. It was surprising to the public about how many times he went to jail. He was just trouble.

Thats why when he was in my addictions support group, I tried not to cause any attention, and I tried to stay away from him, except he was hot, he could probably melt every single person in the room.

Our group leader was talking to us, asking too many questions when it started.

"You shouldnt drink because your loved ones will be expected. who has love ones who are ups..." The leader, James was cut off by the blonde, Luke. Trouble was in his eyes.

"Do you fucking honestly think we care about anything. Thats kinda why were here. Because we didnt care whatever the fuck was happening to us, so we just got addicted to some shit. We are only here because of a doctors order, I wouldve skipped if they didnt drag me in here. But either way those assholes still have broken noses and black and blue eyes." He shrugged, he was wearing ripped jeans, and a tanktop that was black. It was all dark, just like his personality.

"Mr Hemmings, you have family that cares why dont you..." He got cut off again.

"Those bitches dont give a fuck. Thats why they sent me to rehab." Luke looked into his eyes, deep and clearly scared James because James started on again ignoring Luke.

"Holly how about you talk now. How do you feel?" James asked me, noticing I was too quiet and caught in my thoughts.

"Fine" I said, playing with my nails

"Shes bored as shit. Shes so bored shes fucking playing with her nails."Luke laughed.

"Luke will you please calm down" James asked.

"What did you say to me?" He got up.

"Nothing."James looked away, "Class dismissed."
Everyone got up, and I was almost out the door when I noticed that my bag was in the corner of the room. I got up to get it and noticed James, luke and I were the only ones left. I stayed in the corner until Luke left so I didnt have to come in much contact with him.

James was working on papers when I noticed Luke lock the door, I started to panic.

He walked up to James. "If you ever fucking embarrass me or talk to me again, I will rip your lungs out and hang them up, throw them into ciggarettes and smoke them. Do you fucking hear me you prick?" He held the collar of his shirt on the wall. James was wide eyed, and worried so I got up and tried to walk out the door, to get security when Luke looked at me.

"How long have you been in here?" He let go of James and came up to me.

"Only a minute I was getting something," I said, unlocking the door but he grabbed my hand and threw it off.

"You were here longer than that you fucking idiot. Theres only one door, and its been locked. " He walked back over to James, and pushed him. "You tell anyone and I will make sure you dont have a funeral when Im done with you." He walked away to me. "And if you tell i will make sure your insides are cut out so..." I cut him off.

"Why are you so confident you ass. There are security cameras everywhere, I guess smoking really did mess with your brain." I laughed, and opened the door. There was a man around my age with curly hair and a strong jawline about to open the door too.

"Hi is Luke in here?" He smiled. I couldnt believe Luke had friends, nevermind a nice friend.

"yeah, hes in there alright." I laughed, and moved in the entrance so he came in the room.

"Ashton..."Luke said.

"Youre late for rehearsal so I came to get you." Ashton looking around.

"Whatever. Im done here." Luke stormed out, and minutes later out the window he was in a car, Ashton was still in the room with me and James.

"Was he violent?" Ashton worrily asked me.

"He was more than violent." I said, and James looked up from his desk, with bruises and cuts.

"Did he do this?" Ashton walked over to James.

"Yeah" james said.

"Wow, Im sorry." He gave James a card. "Call this if you have complaints, its his mannager." Ashton said, and walked over to me.

"Did he do that to your hand?" Ashton held my hand up, I hadn't noticed that it was cut up and bleeding.

"I think so, I didnt notice it. He did move my hand off the door." I said, blushing.

"I cant believe that ass hurt a girl. Come with me sweetie,"He smiled, and took my normal hand, leading me out the halls and into the car.

"Luke, if you want to stay in this god damn band then youre giving this girl a ride to and from this group everyday, because you hurt her, and if youre not a gentleman to her she will sue the shit out of you." Ashton said, like a parent to Luke, who was actually scared.

"Fine." He rolled his eyes.

"Are you ok with that?" Ashton smiled.

"Sure" I smiled back.

"Whats your name again?" Ashton kept a smile.

"Holly." Luke answered in a snap.

"Well, Holly you deserve an apology." Ashton said loudly, giving Luke a hint.

"Sorry" Luke whispered. He took out a cigarette and lit it.
"Im sorry too. Do you want a ride home?" Ashton asked kindly.

"Nah I can get a taxi its fine." I laughed.

"No way are you taking a taxi hun."Ashton smiled, and opened the back seat door for me.

"Thanks" I smiled, and got in. After he got in I told him my adress, and we started off.


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