Dark-Luke Hemmings edition

He broke promises, and hearts. Relationships, smiles and everything he couldve done, was dark.


11. Injuries

I woke up in a hospital. Someone was leaning over  me.

"Shes awake thank fucking god" I heard an accent say. I opened an eye, peeking. Mikey.

His arms swooped into me and I instantly felt my side ache.

"Ow ow mikey" I mumbled out with pain.

"Sorry Holz" He scratched his head and smiled, but then sat down. He whispered to someone but I couldn't turn to see who it was. I worried until I realized Mikey was whispering awfully loud.

"Yeah how are we going to do this?" Mikey asked.

"Dont know man but those two are gonna both throw themselves in here. One at a time?" I knew it was Calum.

"Guys just bring me Ash" I spoke softly.

"You sure?" Mikey asked awkwardly.

--- After the boys get Ash and leave---

"Holly omg baby are you ok do you want anything omg love look at you you look tired should I leave?" Ashton raced every single thought into a sentence.

" I just want you to be in here with me" I smiled

"I love you im sorry" He hugged me, somehow I couldn't feel the pain.
"Ashton I love you don't apologize for this it wasn't your fault." I threw a smile at him

"Theres another visitor" A nurse pulled open the door.

"Ill go get some coffee"Ashton smiled and left. Then another presence came into the room. I couldn't tell who it was until I realized only 3/4 of my friends showed  up.


"Holly. Damn, are you ok?" He sat on the edge of my bed.

"It only hurts if I twist. Did anyone else get hurt?" I thought of what else to say.

"No we only had scratches, I guess you fell asleep or unconsiousness" He looked at me like he did this to me. "If I didn't yell at you then none of this would ever happen. It's my stupid fault im sorry" He looked down, I saw a tear.

"Luke dont even blame yourself for a second. I was the bitch" I honestly spoke to him.

"Holly you were so cool about it and you were also right. Ashton protects you and I just hurt you"
"Luke stop. You help me too and I just said that because I was mad."

"Holly, "


"Your phone rang and I realized I had it when we were packing so I wwas going to answer it if it was your parents  but it wasn't them."

"What who?"

"It was Harry." He breathed heavier and his voice shook.

"AND WHAT" I had no patience.

"He wanted to tell you that he has your sweater." Luke actually burst into tears. "I thought it would be the last voicemail you'd ever get. I was so scared you were dead, and that it was my fault, I just wanted Ashton to be by you so you could smile and wake up. Mikey told me that you were fine but I couldn't breathe anymore I just wanted to die All I wanted  and needed was you. I really miss everything about you. The last few days all I thought about was you. Holly if you died I kill myself and wouldn't care about anything but getting to you" He cried, bursting into tears. I sat up and just hugged him, for a long time and thought to my self.


What mess did I get us into?

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