Dark-Luke Hemmings edition

He broke promises, and hearts. Relationships, smiles and everything he couldve done, was dark.


8. Impulses

----Hollys POV----


I woke up in the room I shared with Michael. Except I remembered going off with Luke last night. I just couldnt remember what happened after we got to the hotel. I grabbed my phone and texted him.


What the fuck happened



I brought you home at midnight so we wouldn't get caught duh, Ashton would flip.



Do you remember anything


From:Luke I will tell u l8r babe


He called me babe. I smiled, and got up. As soon as I got up I felt pain.


"SHIT" My head pounded. Then someone started laughing.

"Learn to sneak out Holly" Michael chuckled.

"Shush" I winced in  pain.

"You ok" He stopped laughing.

"Hangover. Fuck. I drank last night. Im gonna kill him" I got up. and quickly shut my mouth. Fuck I cant tell him Luke was there.

"Who is him?" He asked in a protective voice.

"Bar tender who let me get a drink" I wiped my eyes and walked over to get dressed before I got so dizzy and fell over. Directly. Onto. Michael.

"Shit sorry" i tried to pull  myself off of him, but I was too weak.

"You need some sleep." He picked  me up, and put me on the bed. I realized I was in a bra and panties. Honestly Luke couldnt dress me all the way?

"Ill get you water and some painkillers." he comforted me and went out the door. He already felt like a brother in one day.

A while later when I was giving up hope on him coming back, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in" I pushed out the words,  unable to do anything from all the pain.

"Hey whoa." Ashton rushed up to me. "Mikey had to do something I have the advil and water what  happened?"

I felt ashamed I drank again after my addiction.

"Nothing just a really powerful headache. I slept wrong."Thank god I can lie

"Holly you can't lie" Shit I said that out loud. "what actually happened?"

"I got drunk last night" I looked down as I took the medicine.

"When I find out who convinced you to do this I will kill them" He stood up. It will be a mess.

"Holly stop saying things aloud. But yes it will be a total mess." He shut the door. Tension  built up in my temples soI fell asleep.

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