Dark-Luke Hemmings edition

He broke promises, and hearts. Relationships, smiles and everything he couldve done, was dark.


13. Importance

--a month later when the boys and Holly finally arrive from their plane into the Bahamas.--


"Luke I call the noodles!" Calum yelled, rushing to get out of the taxi. We arrived at our hotel room.


Luckily the last month was all of us sitting in a hotel in america and waiting for the day to come when we fly to the Bahamas for the rest of the guys break. I wasn't used to anything like the private jet they had, so I had no idea what to even say here.

"Mikey" I chased after the blue haired monkey. He was running in circles and trying to drink my iced tea, which I might add that I had to dig for the change so that they didn't have to pay for me.


"You have to moon someone if you want it" He chuckled. Ashton came up and snatched it from Mikey.

"Thanks Ash" I smiled and reached for my drink.


"Oh it's mine now" Ashton chuckled and handed it to me. "Do you like it here?"


"Duh its the Bahamas." I grinned, feeling the sun burn and tan my shoulders. I felt so much happier than I had in America where all I had was stress.


"Harry told me he barely got attacked in the hotel" Calum added, walking up to us.

"Yay" I told him sarcastically. 


"Holly come here"Luke waved me over to him. I ran over to him and when I got over by him he pulled my arm in to a small room.

"Sorry I just haven't been able to do this and I thought maybe once more wouldn't squish the ant." He winked and leaned in, as I felt his lip ring plunge into my mouth. For a dramatic eater, his mouth smelled good. 

"Damn" I said right before I realized that I promised I wouldn't do anything with the guys. "Luke that was the last time though. I promised." I shrugged. He pulled my shoulder when I tried to walk away.


"But Im into you so badly and I know you are too. You are gonna realize that you are one day but for now I get it. Girls love a bad ass who tries to be good I would know." He winked and lead me out the door. 




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