Dark-Luke Hemmings edition

He broke promises, and hearts. Relationships, smiles and everything he couldve done, was dark.


3. Immediate

I woke up, and there was barely any light in the window. I knew it was a stormy day but I also knew tonight would be the best night even if it rained.

I started singing a bunch of songs while making food then I notived a text from Ashton. It said to facetime him. So, I did.

He answered immediately so I put the phone on the counter and soon saw a smiley, dimple face.

"hey there"he smiled.

"Whats up" I smiled, getting something from the fridge.

"Did you see the invittation yet?" He smiled.

"Yeah" I said, excitedly. " i seriously cant wait.

"can you believe whos going to be there?" his eyes were wider.

"I jumped so much when I read it." I said, pretending like i could read his handwriting.

" Well hun Ill let you eat, and then Ill pick you up at 3:30. Bring pajamas and stuff since you have a hotel room. but before I go i should tell you the rules about the game." He winked

"What game" I laughed, but then tensed up.

"Since theres ten of us, every one has the same key as somebody, so someone else has the same key as you. You wont know until they walk into the hotel room." He said, laughing.

"Oh god" I laughed.

"Its all fun though." he said, "I promise"

I smiled, and we said bye and hung up. I got worried so I ate quick and went to do my hair, I curled it    into a half ponytail because my hair was too thick to keep all together. I then went and got a pink dress, with a lace top area. I giggled, because i always saved it for a fun day.

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