Dark-Luke Hemmings edition

He broke promises, and hearts. Relationships, smiles and everything he couldve done, was dark.


10. Imbrue

I woke up and the first thing I saw was a curl. There was a long curl on my rat nest of hair and down to  my face. Then I realized something sounded like a tea piping. I turned and bumped noses with someone.

"Good morning" Ashton giggle and rubbed his precious nose. We had identical laughs.

"Morning Mr Curls" I smiled at him. He started blushing and I felt like I could fly. His dimples lit my world like a battery lighting up electronics lights.

We  both scooched up and then we hugged,  pulling slowly away into a kiss.

His lips were not only everything to me but I realized all along this was my destination. Things happen for a reason.

"Hey man" Calum interrupted. "Sorry to disturb your pre-mating but we have to pack. We are going home today.

"Crap" Ashton exclaimed pulling away from me,sighing. I kissed him quickly on the cheek  and made my way to go pack when Ash stopped me.

"You're staying with us 4 you can't leave."He smiled. "Especially for me."
"Alright dimples. Now go pack" I squeezed his cheeks and giggled. I walked down to my room when i realized only Mikey had a key because I lost  mine.

I called Mikey and soon the door opened, there was Luke and Michael staring at me.

"Hi" I awkwardly said noticing Luke. I couldn't tell him.

"Tell me what?" He looked at me dead on  like he knew already. I coughed,

"Nothing I didn't mean you" I walked over and stuffed my suitcases.

"Bullshit Holly. Calum spilled" He rolled his eyes. I couldn't respond. "Why?"

I took a deep breath, "Well honestly he seems like a good path. And he wouldn't scream  bullshit would he, and he protected me from a certain blonde blue eyed australian who made my hand bleed." I shrugged.

"Thanks for playing me."
"Im not" I sighed

"Kissing someone and telling them everything but stopping it all for his bestfriend is fucking playing Holly." He got up and walked out, slamming the door behind him. The room rumbled and my heart tumbled.

---After getting into the limo to get back to the boys home.

The car ride was... awkward as fuck. Luke kept ignoring me and Ashton. Ash fell asleep on me and Michael kept poking me. Calum blasted music the whole way. Then a car hit a side of the trunk and all 5  of us were flying. My heart couldn't catch up.

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