Dark-Luke Hemmings edition

He broke promises, and hearts. Relationships, smiles and everything he couldve done, was dark.


9. Ignore

I woke up at 8,  with no  headache. I felt lighter, like a balloon. Then I felt my stomach rumble and I couldn't hear anything else. I walked downstairs to the lobby and pulled out some quarters, walking over to a vending machine. As the chips got to the bottom, I heard footsteps behind me.

"Are you at all hungry?" My heart stopped. It was Harry.

"No Im just gonna grab a snack" I smiled and walked so that he couldn't sense my fangirling. I was almost far when my stomach growled.

"Holly come on. Let me take you out to dinner."He came up to me, smiling. Oh fuck those dimples. They were beautiful in real life.

"I have been  gettin death threats on twitter for hanging out with Niall in publc." I lied just so I could get out of this. "It might be bad"

"Lets eat here. The whole place is rented out for no fans. We can go to that little cafe downstairs" He smiled, and I knew I couldn't make up any lies so I just smiled and agreed. When I finally got back to my room, I had 15 minutes until he was going to get me. I rushed open the door, and panicked. Harry Styles and I were eating together. I might be going on a date with Harry Styles and I have 15 minutes.

"Fuck fuck fuck" I rushed, ripped all my clothes off and slipped into a light orange tanktop with a pair of high waisted shorts. I rushed to put makeup on and brushed my hair, and it was wavy.My hair was a fucking mess.

I rushed to find shoes and finally, when I grabbed my phone and white throw-on sweater, there was a knock on the door. I rushed to open it.

"Luke?" I asked, expecting to see Harry. Luke had ripped up clothes, blood all over his mouth, and looked wobbly.

"Ashton saw my messages" He flew into the room and tumbled onto the bed.

"Shit he did this?" I coudln't  believe a sweet Ashton had this in him.

"He was a little pissed. Ok. Really pissed" Luke felt his head.

"Did you hit him?" I asked,  and knew if he did I was in trouble.

"No I can't, its Ashton."

"I  know. You can stay here but I was going out for dinner unless you wanna come with us" I started watching the time.

"Whos us" He looked worried.

"Harry" I coughed, and Luke was gonna say something but there was a knock on the door.

"Hi" I opened the door to Harry in black skinny jeans and a gray tshirt with some weird pattern.

"Hello you look casual thank god I didnt know what to wear"Harry giggled, and looked at the ground. Harry Styles is nervous because of me. Holy shit.

"Me too. " I laughed.

"Whoa" Luke and Harry said in unisen.

"What" I looked at both back and forth.

"You have Ashtons wild laugh" Harry smiled. That reminded me.

"Oh speaking of him hold on" I smiled and quickly texted Ash to call me in an  hour "K lets go Harry" I smiled. "Bye Luke"
He glanced and threw his chin up in the 'aye' signal.

"So whats up with Luke" Harry asked.

"Ashton and him got in a fight and he was hiding in my room... I think" I laughed.

"Nah he likes you. He probably got beat up and came to you because he wanted to see you" He smiled towards me.

"Really?" I said excitedly. This wasn't that awkward afterall, Harry was sweet.

"Yeah and you  like him too" He winked towards me. I could feel my face heat up when it happened. He was right.

"Shhh" I giggled. We walked over to the cafe and got a pizza, sitting across from eachother.

"well you do know who else thinks so" Harry asked so I looked confused. "Mikey says you act weird around Luke."

"Oh god Mikey" I laughed, covering my face.

"Hey if I ever even look at a girl the guys pick on me" He laughed, his voice was charming and deep. I smiled and we ate for a long time, leaving two slices.
"Niall." I laughed and he nodded and started chuckling. I knew Niall would eat them.

After  bringing the box to Niall, Harry walked me to my room and when i was about to open the door, I turned to him.

"Thank you Harry, I would have starved if you didn't ask" I smiled.

"No Problem thanks for actually coming. I knew you were nervous because  I am famous" He laughed, and hugged me. Then I smiled and went inside. I stopped in my tracks.

"Ashton" I ran up to Ashton who was laying in my bed.

"Holly are you ok  I heard it was Luke, I lost it on him and It was a mistake but I need to talk to you"He lost his breath, and I sat next to him on the bed, as he sat up.

"I was  mad Luke did that to you. I thought it was because you were a girl but now I know its not. Its because I like you." He blushed, and looked in my eyes. I couldn't believe it. Then, out of no where he leaned in. I heard a cough.

"Ashton are you fucking kidding me" Luke was standing in the door.

"Oh um" Ashton scratched his head.

"Yeah lets go talk now" Luke screamed.

"No Luke" He protested (jimmy) "Say it here"
"I told you I like Holly. Then you go around and try to just ruin  it. I have only had this feeling for her and you know that. I have a heart when I am around her." He just looked down and looked at me with his piercing blue eyes.

"Sorry man"Ashton stood up, going to Luke."Youre right" He looked at me depressed and just went to his room. Luke went up to me.

"Sorry" He gulped "I just really l.." I cut him off by kissing him deeply, putting pressure between our lips. He acted surprised but then got into it too.  We went on for a while before his phone rang, he pulled apart and answered the phone.

"Liam" He listened into the phone. "Already" Finally he hung up

"I have to get to my room, apparently its 9 and the new game rule is before 9. Finish tomorrow?" He winked.

"Yes" I hopped up and kissed him. He smiled and then he was gone.




It was 12. I was on my phone waiting for Ashton to reply. My texts were,


Hey text me


To Ashton:

Im really sorry


To Ashton:

Listening to Dont Stop, please answer.


To Ashton:

Okay youre mad and I know so just text me when you are better.


Then I went on twiitter and clicked ashtons user. His last tweet hit me.

@Ashton5SOS: I hate when someone I have a gut feeling for just picks someone else. Then they act like nothing happens. But yanno I am the ugly one so yeah i guess Im  used to it. Goodnight guys.


I sighed and got up. He was in room G 28. I went to it and knocked. He answered.

"Hey Calum thanks fo..." He stopped when  he saw it was me. He had puffy red eyes and I saw he was wearing no shirt and his bracelets were on the floor. Except his wrist wasn't ok.
"ASHTON WHAT  HAPPENED" I felt so bad, I let myself in.
"I didn't mean to Holly I really didn't" He teared up. I hugged him.

"Did you do this" I worried

"I didn't mean to I just realized how many people hate me and i dont know I have nobod.." I cut him off

"Ashton nobody hates you. I dont hate you. I love you, you have been there for me before anyone else. Youre the reason I know everyone here. Do not ever do this again" I leaned agaiinst his chest, and realized I was crying. He was speechless.


"Yeah Ash"

"I dont know about you but do you want to be my girlfriend"
I smiled

"Yes Ashton."

"Good that means I can do this" He picked my head up and we saw eachothers red eyes, Then he just leaned in and kissed me passionately. Then I realized that Luke was just someone I liked. Ashton was someone who was there for me. Even though Luke would ignore me for a while, I knew this was the right choice. Ashton could keep me safe while Luke put me into danger by making me steal, causing fights and ditching friends. Ashton saved me the first time Luke hurt me. I knew this was right even though it hurt.



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