Dark-Luke Hemmings edition

He broke promises, and hearts. Relationships, smiles and everything he couldve done, was dark.


5. Identity

-next day at 3-

I was rushing to leave for the hotel. My hair was half up and curled again. I was in the dress I picked out (a/n  I posted it on @darklukehemmo twitter) and had mascara on. I was running around because I knew Ashton was coming at 3:30. I flew across each room, scaared that I would be late. Then,  as I walked out the door I bumped into someone.

"Im so sorry  oh my god" I said, blushing in embarrasment.

"Its fine" The girl  said, rushing too. We both ran.

As I was downstairs, I saw a limo. I squinted and saw Ashton getting out of it. He looked nervous.

I walked up to him. "ash"
"HOLLY" he said letting out air. "I forgot what time I told you" He said opening the door for me, a nd i  climbed in. There were a few guys.

Ashton climbed in after me. I heard a farmiliar voice  next to me talking to someone. Then he turned.
"hi" luke said

"hi" I smiled.

We only exchanged those words quick because we were both awkward.

"This is Calum,  hes in our  band too.: Ashton said  poiinting at a guy with a small blonde streak in his hair.

"HI im  Holly" I smiled.

"Nice to meet you" he smiledd   back, and I turned to Ashton after.

"When will we be there?" I said.

"Now." He said, I looked out the window to see a huge fancy hotel.

"Have your  key?" Calum asked.

"Ya" I laughed, looking at the key. We couldnt show anyone.

-an  hour  later-

I was in the hallway, looking for room 20 level G, when I felt my phone buzz. It was just twitter.

I finally found my room, the door half open, as I shook  my head, rolling my eyes. I walked into a huge mess. The shower was on, so I knew whoever it was, was in the shower. I went to put my pajamas away when I saw a shirt on the floor. 'sex pistols' was written across it. I threw my pajamas into the closet and called ashton.

"Hi" he laughed.
"What are  the rules again" I laughed

"You cant tell anyone the person  u r with until 6pm tonight."He said, " In the lobby."

I shrugged"Great" we laughed.

"AH gotta go the stove is burning" he hung up. I giggled. Then I heard the bathroom door open.

There was  a guy with yellow/greenish hair. He had green eyes. his skin looked soft and we  made eye contact. He was in a towel.

"hi im Michael" he said waving. He laughed "Sorry this is a  mess, I was rushing"

"Its ok" I laughed.

"Do you know what time we are going to the lobby?" He asked, grabbing some clothes from his bag.
"6" I  smiled to be nice

"cool" he said,,  going to the bathroom to change.

For the rest of the time we just talked. and talked. and talked.



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