Dark-Luke Hemmings edition

He broke promises, and hearts. Relationships, smiles and everything he couldve done, was dark.




Wow it's been a fucking while. I went to 5SOS concert this August and I fucking cried. Just got tix to see them again so I hope you all can share the experience! Comment your concert dates of you're going!!

So I'm sorry it's been a while I've been catching up with therapy, I've been clean for a while and here we go I'm just so happy. Hope nobody is pissed it's been like a damn year. LMAO.

I love you guys.


Mikey and I spent the whole trip pranking all the boys. We also ate all the food, and especially watched every punk movie known to man. I learned that sharks aren't as scary as I thought which wow now repeating that, where the fuck was the idea of swimming with one brought up? Damn Michael .

"Yo" Calum slid onto the couch, trying to be smooth but falling in his face. All of us started laughing but Luke's adorable giggle made me laugh. He had the contagious, flirty laugh. It was a nice chuckle, enough to make me fall in love with. The last few minutes of our vacation were stress free , and then it all started.

"FUCCK THE JET IS LEAVING SOON!" Harry yelled and started running in his khaki shorts and Hawaiian top. It was a great sight.

"Slow down." Ash yelled up to him, as we were laid back.

"I CANT WE HAVE TO BE ON TIME " he screeched.

"Calm down boo." Louis smiled towards him. "It'll be fine. "


Guys idk do you want me to fast toward to like NOW or should I continue back then because J want to talk about the new albums in this story?!!? Hope u liked the barely two sentences. J don't want to continue without feedback I love you lots xoxo -N

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