Everything About You

Natalie Carter is your typical, beautiful teenage girl, except she gets bullied, badly. What happens when her family moves across the world to get away an she ends up meeting the one person who could make her forget. Will her past stay buried? Or will it make a reappearance and ruin the only good thing in her life?

Copyright © vollball07
All rights reserved


1. Prologue

I thought I had everything-

A family who loved and supported me.

Friends who were always by my side.

I lived in New York, which in my opinion is the best place on earth.

I had all the instruments you could think of and I could play them well.

I could sing.

I could probably get any boy I wanted.

I wasn't poor or out on the streets.

I got great grades.

And I felt content with not having a boyfriend.

I have dealt with some pretty bad relationships.

I never believed in love at first sight.

I thought I had everything, until my dad got transferred to Australia and I realized that there was one thing missing in my life. And his name is Luke Robert Hemmings.


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