Everything About You

Natalie Carter is your typical, beautiful teenage girl, except she gets bullied, badly. What happens when her family moves across the world to get away an she ends up meeting the one person who could make her forget. Will her past stay buried? Or will it make a reappearance and ruin the only good thing in her life?

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9. Chapter 8- The Truth

sorry for this crappy beginning but by the end it gets better;)


When we got back home, I couldn't have been more happy. I turned 18 that day, so since I was an adult, my aunt would leave and the place would be my own. I am thinking about having Luke move in but my parents aid that they will still come and visit every month for a few weeks. They don't want me to get too lonely. After the whole 'cutting' issue, the boys had a hard time trusting me all by myself but they slowly started to again.

I usually don't make a big fuss out of my birthday, but Luke insisted on taking me out for a romantic picnic under the stars. It was perfect. He got me a promise ring and it was engraved with the words 'forever mine'. It was the best birthday ever.


I woke up this morning just like I do every other morning- in Luke's arms. He stays over every night. That is another reason why he should just live here. I checked my phone and saw that I had 1 new message.

From- Unknown

Hey Nattie! Miss me? If you thought that moving across the world would protect yourself then you are a dumber bitch than I thought. I hope that you have had a good time there because I know exactly where you are. And I am coming for you. There is no where to hide darlin'. If I can't have you, no one can. Your little 'boy toy' can't save you now.

Oh. My. God.

It is him.

He knows where I am.

He is going to find me,

and kill me.

That text was from my ex-boyfriend, Daniel. I dated him for about a month and he was horrible to me. He would try to have sex with me and when I refused he would beat me. He said that I was a worthless piece of shit, and the sad thing is that I believed him. I tried to overdose to kill myself but that didn't work. I brokeup with him but he didn't like that. He threatened me all the time and he spread rumors all over school.

He said that I cheated on him.

With more than one guy.

He said I was a whore and a slut.

He said I pushed myself on him.

He said that I have STIs.

He said that I had gotten 4 abortions.

He said I was a worthless piece of shit.

And again,

I believed him.

I was bullied so badly and once I thought that it was starting to blow over, he would start up another rumor. He was out for blood. My parents found all of the threatening texts and turned them into school. He got expelled, which only made matters worse. People were even more cruel. Seeing that the situation at school hadn't changed, my parents changed my number, and we packed up and flew to Australia. To start a new. Life has been great. Daniel always had to worm his way into my life and make it a living hell. I know Daniel and when he says he is going to do something, he does it. I have gotten messages that he was going to kill me multiple times back in New York. We reported them to the police but of course they didn't do anything. SO now Daniel is coming for me, and I am screwed. I sit down on the floor of my bedroom in shock. I stare at my phone in pure horror. I am frozen. Too numb to even cry. I heard Luke start to stir but I couldn't will myself to get up. He looked at me and gave me a slight smile before he realized that something was wrong.

"Nat what is wrong?"

"H-he," I stuttered. " H-he I-is c-c-coming t-to k-kill me," I chocked out. Luke looked so worried.

"Who is coming to, kill you?" he asked.

I told him the whole story and at the end is when I finally broke down. I cried into Luke's shoulder.

"Natalie Rose Carter. I will never let anything hurt you. I will protect you, or die trying. I love you too much to loose you. You are my everything," he said kissing my lips. I returned the kiss and even though we just got up, we crawled back in bed and I fell asleep safe and protected in his arms, inhaling his scent.


We told the boys about it and they agreed that I was not allowed to go anywhere unless one of them was with me. I love these boys.

I spent one day with Ashton, having a 'Nat & Ash Day' and we had a great time. It made me forget about Daniel. When we got home, I unlocked the front door to see Luke tied up, sitting on a kitchen chair, with a big bloody gash running down his leg.


"LUKE OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY BABY?!" I scream running to him. Right before I get there, i heard probably the most sinister voice ever.

"Hello Natalie, " he said with an evil smirk. I was about to walk over to Luke and he pulled out a dagger, holding it right up to face me, causing me to stop dead in my tracks.

"I suggest that you don't take another step my darling," he snarled. Luke looked at me with pleading eyes that said 'do what he says.'

"Curly," he motioned to Ashton," You can sit in the chair next to Luke here," he said. Ashton slowly sat down and Daniel came over and tied him up as well, leaving me all alone. Daniel came up to me and kicked out my legs. I fell on the floor and he twisted my leg until he heard a snap. I cried out in pain and he just smiled.

"LEAVE HER ALONE! NATALIE BABY IT IS OKAY. WE ARE GOING TO BE OKAY," Luke screamed trying to reassure me.

"Sorry Lover Boy, but you are wrong. Everything is not okay. I am going to kill her right in front of your eyes. Then I will kill both of you as well. If I cant have Natalie Carter than nobody can!" he screamed.

"If you touch her I swear to god I will fucking tear you apart with my bare hands," Luke growled.

"Haha. I am not afraid of you," He said to Luke before turning his attention back to me. "You are just a worthless piece of shit," he said with a smirk as he raised up the dagger.

Those would be the last words I hear before I die.








I closed my eyes and waited for the blow. I heard Luke and Ashton screaming. Then the front door barged open to reveal about 7 police officers and Liz. She must have heard the screaming and called the cops.

'PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPON!" one of the cops screamed. All 7 of them were pointing guns right at Daniel.

Daniel looked from the cops to me and smiled. He quickly dug the dagger straight into my abdomen.

Then there was a gun shot.

And another.

I whimpered in pain as i sat up and saw Daniel laying on the floor with 2 bullets in his head. Dead. The cops called for an ambulance and they untied Ashton and Luke. Liz, Luke, Ashton and some officers came over to me and Luke started crying.

"Natalie. You will pull through this. You are stronger than you think. Just stay with me please please stay with me," he begged with tears rolling down his cheeks.

I smiled a weak smile as i felt myself growing more tired. I heard sirens in the distance and they seemed to be getting closer. I reached my hand up to caress Luke's cheek.

"I love you Lucas Robert Hemmings," I croaked out.


Then everything went black.

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