Everything About You

Natalie Carter is your typical, beautiful teenage girl, except she gets bullied, badly. What happens when her family moves across the world to get away an she ends up meeting the one person who could make her forget. Will her past stay buried? Or will it make a reappearance and ruin the only good thing in her life?

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8. Chapter 7- I just got you back...



Natalie POV

I stayed the last 2 months with Luke and the guys on tour. I guess it is not that bad. I love being with him and seeing him perform all the time. Luke is amazing. Everything is really good here and I am enjoying myself. The only bad part is the fans. I have been getting so much hate for dating Luke and I don't know how much more of this I can take. There was one particularly bad tweet saying....

'Luke could never love you. You are just an ugly piece of shit that he has laying around incase he needs a good fuck. Why don't you just kill yourself to make everyone happy. Im sure Luke wouldn't care if you were dead anyway. Nobody would care. You are a shitty pile of garbage. You are a slut. So why don't you make everybody's lives a million times better and kill yourself.'

After I got that tweet, I ran into the bathroom sobbing and I grabbed my razor. I broke it,took the blade out, and held it hovering over my wrist. I have never cut before but I feel the urges and I know that I have to. With tears streaming down my face, I slice my wrist open with one slow, deep motion. Then another. And another. And another. My blood poured out and with it came all my anger and sadness. I just felt numb. It took a little while before I realized what I had just done. I started sobbing. And I'm not talking about quiet sobs. I mean like me SCREAMING. I bet the whole hotel heard me. All of a sudden I heard a loud banging on the door. Crap I forgot to lock it. He would find that out shortly.

"Natalie! Are you okay! Open the door! Please.....," he pleaded. Luke twisted the doorknob and must've been surprised that the door opened. He rushed over to me and enveloped me in a hug. I sobbed into his chest as he whispered soothing words in my ear. When we released, he looked down at my still bleeding wrist and all of the blood on the floor.

"No. No. No. No. No. Natalie. Please tell me you didn't do what I am thinking you did!" he said with tears streaming down his face.

"I-I'm sorry. I just couldn't take it. All the hate I am getting is ridiculous. I just needed a way to let out all of my frustration and sadness. It was the only thing I could think of to do so I wouldn't totally go insane. L-Luke you have no idea what it is like. Everybody loves you. The ones who are ruining me are your fans. I just can't take it," I said fading out. My eyes started to get droopy and I began to pass out.

"No Natalie. Stay with me. Please. Just stay awake. I just got you back.......," and then it all went black.


Luke POV

"Natalie. Natalie. NATALIE! No. No. NO. NO! WAKE UP STAY WITH ME!" I screamed but I knew that she was already passed out and I had to take her to the hospital. I called and ambulance and ran down to the lobby. Calum, Ashton, Michael, and Ashlyn were all walking in the hallway and looked at me funny. Soon they realized who I was carrying and that it must not be good because I am sprinting threw the halls with tears streaming down my face. I didn't even have time to talk to them and tell them what was going on. Natalie's wrist was still bleeding threw the cloth that I wrapped it with and she is becoming really pale. When I got downstairs, the ambulance just arrived and the guys rushed into the lobby with a gurney. I softly layed her down and they swooped her off. I followed them into the ambulance and I never let go of her hand.

The ride to the hospital was horrible. The men kept working on her and hooking her up to machines and pumping her full of stuff that I had no idea about. I was terrified. When we got to the hospital, she was whisked away and I wanted to go with her but a nurse stopped me and led me into the waiting room. I sat down in a chair, put my head in my hands, and cried. I cried for a good 5 minutes until I felt a hand on my back. I looked up.


I stood up and he enveloped me in a hug while I cried my eyes out. When I was able to talk, I told all of them what happened. A doctor came out and I stood up and walked over to him.

"How is she?" I asked hoping for the best.

"She lost a lot of blood and she will probably need to stay the night but she will be okay," he said with a smile. I shook his hand and ran into her room.

She was asleep with he beautiful golden waves cascaded over the pillow. Her wrist was heavily bandaged and she still looked really pale. I walked over and kissed her nose while taking a seat and grabbing her hand. Her eyes slowly fluttered open. Her green eyes met my blue ones. When she saw me she smiled.

"hey babe," she said in a raspy voice.


Natalie POV

After I got out of the hospital, the boys and Ash all watched me really closely and deleted all social media apps. Not the account, just the apps. Today was our last day on their tour and tomorrow we are going home. I am excited to leave. I just really want to sleep in my own bed. After Luke's last concert, we went into the hotel room and I attacked him. My lips crashed onto his and I licked his bottom lip, wanting to enter. He obliged and our tongues fought for dominance. I pulled his shirt over his body and he pulled off my pants. Soon both of us were completely naked. (A/N I am not gonna go into detail with the whole sex scene so it won't be that bad but you can skip it.)

"Are you sure you are ready for this?" Luke asked breathing heavy. I nodded and he entered me. He started pumping slow and deep but then he started going faster. I was a virgin. It hurt at first but that feeling was soon replaced with pleasure. I moaned loudly. He started pumping really fast until we both hit our climaxes and he released his cum into me. he let out a loud moan and then plopped down beside me

(It is over)

He kissed me one last time.

"I love you Natalie," he whispered in my ear as I cuddled into him.

He said it again.


This time,

I was going to answer.

"I love you too Luke Hemmings,"

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